Need an advice

Last week I spent in the hospital
there I heard Ive got lack of potassium
hope thats not the result of my diet preffers, but I know I have to eat more products reach in this macroelement
I found the informations that the biggest number of potassium have got the brussels, tomatoes and potatoes and thats all :stuck_out_tongue:
is there somebody who knows more about that products, may some of you knows great recipe including brussels, tomatoes etc. ??
Im waiting for advice :slight_smile:
best for you all

Beans are also high in potassium, as well as dried apricots. This website is a great tool:

Some nice recipes on this page could be modified to be vegetarian.,14343,1216596,00.html

thank you very much D.
be good

I just heard about an elixer you can made that is supposed to be high in potassium. You mix 1 cup of Kombucha tea with 1 cup of black strap molasses. Store it in a glass jar (no refrigeration necessary). Take 2-4 Tablespoons daily. I haven’t tried it myself, but I do drink Kombucha tea which I believe is very good for your digestive system and alkalizing. Good luck Patrycja.

thanks Cleo, its very interesting
I’ll prepare this kind of muschroom and change for a guinea pig for a while ;p
be good