Need CGM Sensor recommendations for "Fit" folks

I need help. I have about 12 SofSensors left in my cabinet, and MAYBE I can get one more box after the new year before they are no longer available. Medtronic says I have to switch to Enlites, since that is now their only option, but having tried an Enlite once, I’m not too excited by the prospect. The main difference between the two as I see them are the insertion angle. Enlites go directly into the skin at a 90° angle, whereas the SofSensors go in on a softer and more controllable angle of 45°.

So the question is, are there any 45° insertion sensors out there? Any recommendations on non-Medtronic options? Winter is coming and so is an extra layer of fatty tissue that buys me time, but come spring, I’ll be back into training for races and will quickly shed whatever builds in the next few months. I’d like to avoid painful experiences of hitting muscle with the needles, and inaccurate readings that come when these aren’t inserted into fat.

I’d try other areas, but the ONLY “Pinch-An-Inch” section of my body is my abdomen. I have never been able to insert anything into my legs, that’s a non-starter. I don’t have much in my back either. I might be able to get something into my triceps, but I imagine an expensive sensor could quickly get dislodged during longer swim sessions.

Dexcom sensors go in at an angle. I’ve put them in places without an awful lot of excess fat with good results.

Seriously??? :confused: You haven’t heard about Dexcom CGM before now? :confused: Huh.

Yes, that is one of the differences between the Enlite and the older “Harpoons” which the Enlite supercedes. But it is not really the major difference. The Harpoon introducer needle and sensor probe were both longer and larger in diameter than Enlite.

I think that the size of the Enlite probe has been reduced again for the updated version which Medtronic seems to refer to simply as the “Enhanced Enlite”. However, no one inside the US has access to those yet even though Medtronic made them the default in the rest of the world a while ago. :angry:

The Harpoons also typically consistently generate a lower ISIG than Enlites for the same level of interstitial glucose. This greater Enlite sensitivity gives the Enlites at least the potential to be more accurate than the Harpoons.

Still, it sounds like what you want to look into is the Dexcom CGM. It won’t be integrated with your pump (of course), but they are very popular and have, in clinical test results, better accuracy than Medtronic’s Enlite.

Out of curiosity, how long do you usually wear a Harpoon? The most frustrating thing to me about Medtronic’s sensors is the extremely short shelf life. Once you are 180 days past the manufacturing date of the sensor, it is dead to Medtronic in terms of support. In the U.S. Medtronic also insists that you can’t wear a Harpoon longer than 3 days versus the 6 day lifespan they (eventually) credited them with outside of the U.S. :no_mouth:

I’ve not kept up on the dexcom offerings, nor ever looked into how those work. Had always stayed away so I could have the integrated pump. Also curious about other options, if there are any.

My sofsensors last me about 9-10 days accurately, but the transmitter’s battery is only good for 7, so I replace the sensor at the same time for simplicity.

I know if I get 3 months past the manufacture date, I just need to toss the box. Too often I had attempted to use anyway and only been frustrated with the results.

Just changed my Dexcom sensor tonight after Day 23. It was working just fine, but tonight was the most convenient day for the next 5-6 days, so I changed it. I have used Dexcom sensors a year or more past the expiration date. I have been VERY happy with Dexcom for the past 2.5 years. Since August, i have the integrated Vibe pump. Note, I have the G4, which can still be obtained, but with the G5 you can use an iPhone instead of a separate receiver - not pump integrated, but not necessarily adding a device to carry.

Not quite sure what you are saying here.

If the sensor is still in warranty then you can call Medtronic and get it replaced if it goes wonky on you. But, on the other hand, these being Harpoons that only applies to sensors which go wonky during the first three days since Medtronic smugly insists that is the defined life of a Harpoon in the US.

So? Are you saying that if you don’t expect to get more than three days from a Harpoon then you might as well just throw it out without even trying it? :confused:

As Thas pointed out, there are now two pumps which have integrated support for the Dexcom sensor using the G4 transmitter. They are Animas Vibe and the Tandem t:slim G4. (If I recall correctly).

The warranty of my Medtronic Paradigm Revel (723) pump expires around the end of March in 2017. At the moment I use Enlites with it and have been satisfied enough. Currently I even seem to be getting reasonably good results inserting on my abdomen after Medtronic replaced my MiniLink under warranty. (I discovered it had silently gone “casters up” on me right at the one year point. :disappointed_relieved: )

But unless Medtronic shows an unexpected blaze of CGM innovation, I am thinking that two years from now I will definitely be looking around to see what other options for non-Medtronic pumps with integrated Dexcom support are available at that time.

While I find the support for predictive basal suspend/resume in Medtronic’s recently released (outside the US) 640G pump intriguing, perhaps it will be have competition two years from now. (Even in the US :smirk:)

The Dexcom CGM is the ONLY CGM system I’d recommend to anyone. I truly believe that if you took a poll here on TuD and over on the Parents of Children with Diabetes forum, you’d get at least a 90% approval rating.

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