Need help for my toddler

I am not sure how to tell if my 3yo needs 1 or 2 doses of his Levemir. I have read it wears off anywhere between 12-24 hours. I give him 3 units around 3 pm and he goes down from 180 at bedtime to 130 by morning but from breakfast until late afternoon runs high. Maybe my carb ratio is off and he needs more rapid acting with food??? Also, in my attempt to get him to 180 before bed I often overshoot and we end up at 350:(

The "12-24 hour" concept of Levemir only holds for much larger doses. Small doses get absorbed more rapidly.

Ok you want him at 180 for bedtime because he will loose 50 overnight. You dose levemir at 3pm. Try a levemir shot first thing in the morning or at 3 am. Seems reasonable. An old maxim is ‘small changes small problems big changes big problems’ so maybe start with one unit. Don’t give him three units and double his breakfast dose. That would be a big change. It’s no joke we can do that getting frustrated and wanting to correct and taking small incremental changes doesn’t seem to change much.

I used to give him Levemir in the morning but it would pretty much worn off by the night (his number was going up in his sleep). So I changed it to 3pm and now it lasts through the night but I THINK it is gone by morning. I"m just not sure. Today I am trying to adjust his carb ratio for breakfast and lunch to see if I can get him down. I am too scared to give Levemir twice a day because he is so small. THANKS!!! If giving more humalog doesn't help I guess I will know he needs more Levemir. He has been asking for food every two hours throughout the day (becasue his number is high maybe?) SO I feel like I can never catch up and have to "stack" his coverage shots... I can't give him the shot at 3am without waking him and that is a BAD idea! Thanks for your advice!!

So why do some people take it twice per day? I'm wondering if I should break up his doses to 2 in the morning then 1 before bed....I'm just afraid of him having too much in his system throughout the night.