Need Help from Costa Rica


Hi - I am 65 years old and dealing with diabetes for 10 years. I live in Costa Rica and having big problems in controlling my ups and downs. Last week i ended at the hospital with a crisis (drove myself as i felt was fainting…). Blood level at 600!. As usual, crisis ended, got the normal sermon from the Dr and family regarding not missing my shots but i simply don’t have the discipline and hate needles. Not many people where i live know about pumps and would like if anyone in this forum can help me on my first steps thru this. I really need help on this. Anyone gone thru this? —rgds, Silvia.


In the Forum section, you will find an entire category (3-pages long) for Insulin Pumpers, with tons of information that I am sure will be very valuable.


Is inhaled insulin an option for you?