Need help with pump sites

My 5 year old daughter has been using the omnipod for about 6 weeks. We really like it, but are having increasingly worse site problems. We were only getting about 48 hours from an infusion site before it went bad (meaning her blood sugars are really high, having tunneling at site). We started changing the pod every 2 days, but now that is not working and we get about 24 hours from one site. At the insertion site, she gets a bubble that can be squeezed and insulin pours out or insulin leakage at the site. It occurs suddenly. Her blood sugars will be fine all day, and then suddenly she will have a high that cannot be brought down until a site change or a regular injection. We pinch her skin during insertion and have tried site rotations and other sites besides her abd, but are having no luck. Is this a common problem with kids? We are really frustrated and she doesn’t want to go back to shots. Are there any tricks to helping a site last longer? Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

Since you haven’t had any results maybe you can reask this question with a different title. I don’t use the Omnipod so I don’t know what they offer but Minimed has different infusion sets. The different infusion sets might allow you to find one that works for your child. It might be worth while talking to your childs doctor and seeing if he has any suggestions. BTW when I take out the infusion set I get a red dot with a little insulin coming out of it. I don’t push on it but I am sure more would come out if I messed with it.

Thanks for your help. We actually switched from humalog to novolog and problem solved.

I just found this post. Why did the switch from Humalog to Novolog work? I ask because we have recently switched toHumalog because our new insurance does not cover Novolog and I have been having a heck of a time keeping the sites good. We used to get a full 3 days out of a site and lately we only get 2 days before the highs set in.

I just came across this site and don’t have any answers about sites. But i do have an answer about the Humalog to Novolog and vice versa. No matter which way the switch is, the reason some things work for some people and not for others is because one or the other works for that particular person. They don’t both work for all people. They are supposed to be the same, but one always works for some and not for others and then the other one will work. If things truly don’t work out after a good trial (they will probably require a couple of months) then i would ask my doctor to write to the insurance company. But I would definitely log every minute to back me up. And that includes food and activity , as well as blood sugars, etc.

Hi, I don’t know why the Novolog worked, but it has made a huge difference. After lots of research by us and our doctor, we read that some people have local allergies to a certain preservative in humalog (or other insulins) and the immune system attacks the site quickly and will not let insulin be absorbed or something to that effect. Novolag and Humalog differ slightly and I guess that difference was enough for us. The humalog got way worse for us and eventually we couldn’t even keep a site for a full 24 hours. Now we can for 3 days (when the adhesive lasts , but that is another story). Good luck.

I use the omnipod, I haven’t had this issue yet; I have only been using the pod for 3 weeks. I have placed it on my lower back and tummy. I think I am going to try my arm next and then maybe my thigh. Have you talked to your dr or the insulet corp.

Thanks for the advice. We will keep good notes and give it another month or so. I don’t look forward to another battle with the insurance company, but its better than changing her site every day or two!

I had a similar problem and it turned out that my body had a slow absorbtion rate for humalog… but i have no problems with novalog now and my sites last up to 5 days now. (minimed)

I have been pumping for 5 years and a Type 1 for 41 years and I don’t want to go back to shots either. I have only used the Medtronics Paradigm and have never used the Omnipod, but my thought process is this.

With the Paradigm the site is quite small and very light weight, therefore the canula remains stable and does not twist and turn and move around at all (no tunneling). The bulk of the weight is the pump itself and that is not attached directly to the body, but in put in pocket or clipped to my belt.

My thought with the Omnipod, even though I have never used it, is that the pod sits on the skin and is a lot heavier than the site for the Paradigm, causing it to pull on the small frame of your 5 year old, therefore, causing excess stress on her skin, and therefore, may lead to sites going bad and also leading to scar tissue, as the body tries to heal itself. I think the site hole then enlarges and causes tunneling which I think is caused by the twisting and tugging of the pod.

Just my two cents, but one of the reasons why I did not want the Omnipod.

I think you are absolutely right. I think the pulling is a major issue for us. We could get 3 days out of a site now with the novolog, but we rarely do because of the omnipod just falling off,the cannula getting kinked, or pulling out. This really is due to the weight. My daughter is quite active and sometimes she will come in from playing outside with the pump just hanging off and the cannula out. We have tried putting a piece of tegaderm over the pump, but that even will pull off and I think it is the weight. I think the omnipod would work fine for adults, but needs to be smaller for kids especially with all the bouncing and jumping and climbing that they do. I like the idea, but we are anxious to try something else. Our insurance is changing in August and we just found out the new insurance won’t cover the omnipod. Part of me is actually excited to try a traditional pump, (but also nervous.) The omnipod has been overall quite frustrating. The company has tried to help and has good customer service, but no suggestions that have worked to keep the pod on. We are doing way better with the novolog, but still it hasn’t been that great of an experience for us.

Plus I am worried that she will have so much scar tissue that no pump will work for her eventually. :frowning:

While I was using the CGMS, which is heavier than my pump site, I found IV3000 adhesive tape worked wonderfully for me and the CGMS did not budge. You put the tape over the pod and then cup your hand over the tape and pod and the warmth of your hand forms a great bonding/seal over the pod, for me the CGMS. That thing did not move afert that and I think the CGMS is heavy like the pod, but not as big. It is worth a try.


I agree with your theories about the weight of the Omnipod. I’d like to go one step further. I’ve had D for 24 years and a loyal Minimed pumper for 12. As soon as I read Lisa’s post, I had an idea. She’s 5 YEARS OLD. With that being said, her body fat is probably slim to none. So, the combination of the weight of the Omnipod and the lack extra “meat” on her little body is probably the cause of the highs and site troubles. Minimed Medtronic has an infusion set specifically designed for thin children/adults and athletes with little body fat. I know she’ll have to deal with the tubing issue, but it’s a heck of a lot better than fighting the severe high sugars.

Good luck

We are looking into the minimed because of the continuous monitor that goes along with it. My daughter actually does use the dexcom continuous monitor (which we love), and it is tiny and light weight compared to the omnipod. We have never had issues keeping it on. If the adhesive on the dexcom comes loose, we just reattach it with mastisol or tegaderm.
My daughter is pretty small without much fat so that probably does contribute to site problems. I sure hate diabetes sometimes.

I have seen 4 kids now with the minimed and their parents have told me that they love it. They say that there is a bit of adjustment with the size of the needle for the infusion site but overrall control is vastly improved. I know that after 15 years on injections I will never go back and the CGMS that minimed has is great also.