Need help with site, invitations


I’ve gotten invites from members to join their friends list. I have managed to add some people to my list but have no idea how. I follow the link (“click here to accept this friend request”) in the e-mail I get but that doesn’t seem to add them automatically.

Is there a section on the site I can go to and see the invites, and add them from there?

Update Never mind!! Somehow when I clicked on the latest link it brought me to a page that showed all of the past invites, and I was able to accept them all. But I swear that every other time I clicked on the luink I was taken to a totally different page!



Just so you are aware TuDiabetes runs on a platform called It’s a service that allows you to create and manage a Social Network. To that extent, there are moments when you may be presented with pages that are Ning-related.

The way to accept friends is “one of those”. When you get the e-mail, it takes you to a page (called “My Page”, which you can click on in the navigation at the top) that has a panel at the top, showing all the outstanding invites. You can click on accept for all of them there.

Another easy way to do this, outside of clicking on the link(s) you receive via e-mail, is to click on the little person icon at the very top (above the site banner). If it shows “New!” next to it, it means that you have outstanding invitations.

Hope this helps, Elizabeth.