Need ideas and thoughts

I was reasonably content with what I was doing with diet, bg s and weight loss. Now with rationing of test strips, I have been thinking and trying out a slight difference in control. I am on Metformin 3 or 4 x 500 a day. One with each meal and 1 at bedtime. I also have Starlix 60s. I know that if I take the Starlix with each meal, I can keep bg to around 5 mmol/l( 90) at pretty much all times. However, Starlix causes weight gain. (It’s not as bad as the Gliclazide I had before. ) So I have tried to keep the Starlix to 1 or 2 a day and low carbs. In this way, I’ve lost about 35pounds over nearly a year. The last few days, I have been trying to avoid the Starlix altogether. In fact have not had one for 3 days.
bg is up a little to about 6.2mmol/l (110). I am still walking my 10.000 steps per day.
It’s like balancing on a knife edge. I won’t let the bg creep up to 7mmol/l (126) which is approximately the damage point. My blood pressure is better on lower weight. ( I have dropped out of BMI obese into BMI overweight.)
I would really appreciatee people’s ideas on the dilemma. I don’t want to be causing damage and neither do I want to give up the weight loss.

Hello! I was put on Starlix 120 mg three times a day with meals yesterday. So far it does not seem to be doing a wonderful job of lowering my blood sugar. Does it take a few days before it reaches it’s full potential in terms of lowering your blood sugar? The doctor didn’t say, but has told me before that some of the medications take about 2 weeks to work well. I had gastric bypass in August, and I am on a very high protein diet and not a lot of carbohydrates, so I am not really sure why my blood sugars are running 250 or so after meals! I have lost 96# and should be in better shape blood sugar wise anyway! Just thought I would ask someone who is on it if it took it a while to see results. Thanks!

Good morning Hana, for me I don’t sweat 126, I don’t even sweat anything under 180. Some time ago I joined a forum where many of the members did radical BG control, which is fine if you can do that without insulin or other meds that might cause hypoglycemia. It is my understanding that damage can occur when BG levels are high for long periods of time. 126 is well within the normal range.

If I were you, I would concentrate on the weight loss because in the long run if you can lose enough you might not need meds at all, that would solve your weight gain issues.

Personally, I think you are doing a great job controlling your diabetes.

What does doc say about 250 post meal? I would not be very happy with that. You might need to discuss adding insulin to your protocol. Sometimes small amounts of Lantus added to the daily meds helps a lot. If you have not had a C-peptide test maybe get one to see where your insulin production is at, it may be very low which means insulin is your best bet.

I’ve found a new side effect of a very heavy cold.
My BG is hovering around 5,[90]which is higher than ideal, but acceptable under the circumstances, but food tastes so awful, I’m not inclined to eat at all. Just having hot lemon drinks[made with real lemon and Splenda] In the space ofa couple of weeks, I’ve lost about 6 pounds. Having struggled to lose anything for months. It’s not just a water loss either.It’s not bouncing back immediately as water loss does.