Need some help on Adjusting?

I have a visit with my Dr. in 3 weeks. Reason for visit is I am adding 3 to 5 Units at every Bolus. Whats happened, My Carb intake is no more that at the beginning of last year when I went on Pump. With the Mini Med I am not sure what the heck to do? Anybody had this issue?

If your insulin use has increased, it sound slike one or more of the following:

  1. incorrct carb counts
  2. Basal rrates need adkusting
  3. Insulin to carb ratio needs adjustment
  4. Insulin sensitivity ratio needs adjustment.

If you have not aleardy done so - read Pumping Insulin by John Walsh - available at Amazon. This book will help you make the adjustments.

We all have periods when we have to go through and make adjustments to these ratios. Your issue may be one or more of the above. Good luck.

I have been pumping for about 12 years. My bolus rates have remained the same (1 unit for every 8 grams of carbs) in that time, however, my basal rates change all of the time depending on what is going on in my life. ie Throughout middle school, I was a cheerleader and swam a lot in the summer. Through highschool I played soccer and was constantly climbing stairs to pass from class to class. Throughout my 5 years in college I would sleep and wake at different times, and be walking around campus and participating in activities at varying times, and now that I’m working full time, their are a whole different set of basal rates.Has your lifestyle changed at all? Those are some things to think about. Also whether your “active insulin” time period is correct if you use the bolus wizard and whether you are eating high fat foods like pizza.

Hi Jacky,

Depending on when you were diagnosed, you could have had some insulin production still being created by your pancreas. As this last little bit of insulin production tapers off, you could require more insulin, either in basal or bolus or both.