Need some help, suggestions, advice

I don't know what I am doing wrong... and I'm getting so frustrated!
So here is the break down:
Last night 30min of strenght excersises 1hr before bed
I wake up in the middle of the night: 2am-> 58mg/dL
eat my usual small apple
wake up: 7am-> 158mg/dL (higher than usuall after having a low so early in the AM)
anyway don't think much of it, do correction of 1.10U
eat breakfast: 7:45am-> 148mg/dL (2g of Carbs)1.50U
get ready to leave for school (30min bike ride): 8:30am-> 138mg/dL 0.05U
15min into bike ride: 0.10U
get to school, test: 68mg/dL I don't eat or drink anything (I know this is low but I know my BG's go up on their own in the AM)
I test 45min later: 167mg/dL 1.30mg/dL
I have a Dexcom so I keep looking at my readings and its all between 160-175mgldL.I gave myself a total of 2.00U in the span of 2hrs
Test for lunch at 12:05pm-> 197mg/dL 2.00U and only eat almonds (8g Carbs)
Test again at 1:55pm-> 148mg/dL 2.25U eat lunch (17gCarbs)
Test at 3:25pm (before workout)-> 168mg/dL no insulin
30min eliptical workout
after workout 98mg/dL
begin my bike ride home
20min in I test-> 58mg/dL eat half a fruit bar
come home
Test for a super early dinner: 4:45pm-> 97mg/dL 3.65U (26g Carbs)
Decide to take a nap at 6pm, so I give myself 0.80U as a precautionary
Wake up at 6:45-> 123mg/dL 0.3U
Have a snack at 7:00pm 0.55U (6g Carbs)
Tst at 7:0pm: 172mg/dL 0.85U
Test at 8:10pm: 186mg/dL 0.85U
That is a total of 18.55U with 6.50U being just for corrections!!!
I've basically consumed 50g of carbs today!
and now its 8:35 and my Dexcom is showing a reading of 196mg/dL and rising WHAT!!!!!
Oh I forgot to mention that I take symlin with every meal and snack (120 for meals and 60, sometimes 120 for snacks)I have also increased my insulin intake by about 10%
This is basically how its been all week! I don't get it, I'm working out regularly (30min-90min 4-5days/week), taking symlin, taking an increase amount of insulin!
Gosh! you know what T1D is not the worst disease one could have but it sure as hell is the MOST FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any thoughts or suggestions would be great! Could I be a Type2 now? I've heard that Type1s could become Type2s if they gain weight....?
This is my finals week and I am not stressed or anything but I REALLY want to do well and so I need good BG's

boshra, you say you are not, BUT, You sound so stressed. That, in and of itself can make your blood sugars do crazy things.
Nevertheless, here are some possible explanations for the day you have had and are having. The small apple could,have had anywhere form 15 to 20 grams of carbs; enough to correct your 58 at 2am, but then maybe the dawn phenomenon is making you go up higher at 7 am. Do you have a higher basal rate in the morning hours?. I do. I cannot figure out how much your exercise and corrections are impacting your blood sugars for the rest of the day.. Maybe the correction factors and carb ratios are not set as accuratley as you would like either. I know you are feeling you do not have time to do this while getting ready for your school tests/. Start,with one thing, one step and chnge it. John Walsh's Pumping Insulin has excellent ideas for one-step at a time solutions. Also, is this week close to your time of the month? The menstrual cycle can do freaky things to blood sugar control. You ,finally,may have a little "CGM-itis", which I call that tyoe of staring st the CGM constantly and stressing when you move out of range. My experience is that it can cause more strerss than it is not to know when you swing a bit.. Have you had an adjustment of your symlin? Just ideas, honey.

For that pre-bed high of 196, take a few quick springs up and down some strps if there are anywhere you live on the inside. Drink a lot of water, wait 30 minutes, then give as small a correction bolus as you can, pre-bedtime. And go visit it ( I mean the bed). Set an alarm to wake you around 2a.m. or 3ish. Test to see what is goimng on with your bg. Use the info you need to make any treatment decisions,then go back to sleep): You need rest. Start again tommorrow, boshra. You are not "becoming a type 2"..Get some rest, DO NOT STRESSGod bless,

Frustrating doesn't begin to describe it.

Some thougts... My experience has been that strenuous exercise sends me high followed by a low several hours later. Cautions about exercising late in the evening causing overnight lows. That might account for your 2 AM 58. Hard to judge carbs in fruit since it depends on the ripeness. Read several places, including in Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution, that T1's should avoid major exercise early in the morning because they often result in high BG.

Protein effects BG, though we're rarely told this. About 58% of protein is converted to glucose & also a small percentage of fat. So, while you're not eating many carbs at all, if meals are high protein that could be impacting your BG.

T1's don't become T2, though there are T1's who develop insulin resistance. Also, some become resistant to their brand of insulin after years & do better switching. Another possibility, of course, is bad absorption at a site.

You could be on the verge of getting sick. That sends BG crazy. Agree with Brunetta that stress is a major factor & lack of sleep.

Hope things level out for you soon.

Basal rates can change with time or the phases of the moon. Maybe you should re-test your basals?

A few things pop into my mind when I see this:

1. Your numbers are pretty good. I know you're not happy with them, but they all appear to be under 200, which is a pretty darn good achievement IMO for a T1. So you're doing something right!

2. Fruit is tricky - unless I can weigh it, I won't generally eat it.

3. Are you bolusing for fat and protein? I have to bolus for fat and protein (just a little, and it's kinda subjective)

4. Are your basal rates in need of changing?

5. Did you change your site? Is it possible that absorption is just bad? Are you rotating your sites?

6. Could you possibly be coming down with something or developing allergies (it is that time of year)? I know my BGs run a little higher right before I get sick or right before I start my period.

7. Are you particularly stressed about something? That too will make me run higher. You note that you're in school, so I am assuming you're just going back for the year. Has your schedule recently changed?

Have to agree with MyBustedPancreas on all this info listed here.

I'll also add one:

8. Chaos theory.

boshra - Your frustration is completely understood. You have a lot of variables intermixed: exercise, repeated lows, rebound highs, several insulin corrections, low blood sugar carb corrections, and stress.

This may not be practical, but in an ideal world, I would take a day off from your usual activities. I would eat lightly or fast, eliminate exercise, if you eat anything weigh it for accurate carb counts, test your BG like every hour, and log everything.

You are on the classic roller coaster BG ride and its caused by the combination of many variables. Trying to troubleshoot one at a time is difficult.

This is my ultimate weapon against T1 chaos. It always works for me. Good luck. In my opinion, your exercise and low carb routine are two excellent habits! If you slow down and take some time you will learn how to fix this.

Hahaha! Good one.

Thank you everyone! this was definitely helpful information... I am so glad and thankful that I have a community of people that understand what I am going through and have such good advice :)
I am definitely going to start the process of retesting and figuring out new basal rates. I emailed my doctor today so we will see what she says and I just hope its not to much of an increase in insulin.... I don't know if anyone else is like this but when I increase my insuling I feel tired and hungry all the time. I hope I am just coming down with something or have allergies :/
Anyway, I was hoping today would be a little different but instead I ended up crying for a good portion of the day because I was so frustrated by my highs and then the sudden out of the blue low that my Dexcom did not catch in time....
But again I can't thank all of you enough! just responding and me knowing that I am not alone makes such a difference.

Thank you Brunetta. I really appreciate the helpful advice.

Thank you Gerri, as always you have been very helpful
I did not know that 58% of protein converts to glucose! I eat a lot of protein but this is actually the first time I am noticing the affects of it :/

yup! definitely on my to do list for this weekend
thank you

I only eat a 'certain' size apple which I have been doing for about 5years now and has always worked until now -___-
I honestly think that I need to redo my basal rates which is my least favorite thing to do but I got to do it....
Thank you for all the advice!

Thank you Terry, this is very helpful...
I am planning on 'taking a day off' this weekend and re-adjusting my basal rates and I:C ratio.

I noticed that when I cut carbs significantly, protein had more of an obvious impact. Maybe it's because I didn't notice it before with more carbs, or my body became more efficient at converting from eating low carb. Sure would help us if the role of protein was explained, but it doesn't appear that most doctors & CDE's are aware of this. The process is gluconeogenesis.

Ugh, hear you on basal testing. Hate it!

Interesting... So is there a protein to insulin ration? or how do you plan your carb+protein meals? I do bolus for fats and protein but I was just wondering if there was a more accurate method?
Also, you mentioned that T1's can become insulin resistant... I use a pump and Humolog Insulin, is there another brand I can use? because the same units that use to work for me before don't work AT all when I eat a large meal... sometimes not even double that works :/
Again, thank you for all your help Gerri