Need some pointers asap

I just injected 4 u of novolog literally about 2 minutes ago. I was using a very short 4mm needle, injecting into abdomen. It was much harder to depress the plunger than normal, and when done there was a pronounced welt, like a bee sting on my skin. I believe I injected it into my skin itself instead of through the skin. In 5 years of injecting novolog I’ve never seen this before and I’m not sure how to expect it to absorb, how to adjust my eating accordingly, etc? Any tips? Need to start eating in 15 minutes.

sorry I don’t know, but I’d think it would be the same - maybe massage the area?

If you did not see any drops of insulin coming out, I would assume it would absorb normally. Then, just in case, check more often than usual, and correct if need be.

Nothing oozed out… I even squeezed the welt because it looked like all the insulin would have jus squirted right back out but nothing

Well it seemed to work out ok… I had eaten the exact same thing for lunch for weeks now, so I had a very good idea what to expect if all was going per usual. Was 89 before eating 139 at 2 hours, which is a bit higher than I had been other days but nowhere near the end of the world.


I sometimes have an injection where it is impossible to inject. After a couple of units it just stops. As though I am injecting into scar tissue or other immovable body part. My approach is to remove the injection at the slightest resistance and inject at another site. If I have a “partial injection” I split the difference adding back in half the dose which was misinjected in the injection site which failed (does that make sense).