Need Tegaderm Info, Please!

I know this info has been posted before, but I can't find it.

Need the dimensions or product number for the best size to use under pods.

Also, doses the canula insert right through them, or do you cut an opening?

I've started getting a terrible skin reaction to the adhesive on the pod and the skin prep that I've been using. Need to try something new before I itch my skin off!

Thank you!

Use skin-tac wipes. Not only do they create a barrier, but it glues the pod on. Seriously sticky!

First of all, I personally don't use any skin prep at all, not even alcohol. It dries up your skin and adds to the itchiness and rash. Just clean and dry it. It's called Tegaderm Film. I get the 2 3/8" x 2 3/4". It says 1624W on the box of 100 made by 3M. I get mine at for $38.99.
Someone told me that there's a way to fold it and cut an opening for the canula. I have never done that though. The canula goes right through the film. I've never had an issue with it. Good luck


This has just recently become a problem. I've tried with and without skin prep, alcohol and plain 'ol soap and water. All attempts give me lobster red, itchy skin under the POD now. Really bites.

Thanks for the info!

You have the same issue I do with the tape the pods use. My father in law gave me some of these wipes that when they dry your skin is extremely shinny where its been applied. They worked wonders for me but have to get the name from my father in law because I used the last one before getting the name of them. They are just prep wipes. They also do not dry out the skin. Never have had one issue with this. Oh my father in law is allergic to the tape that the minimed pumps use as am I. That was the first type of pump I had.

same here we just started using tegaderm for kennedy and we just inject right through the tegaderm... itchiness she says is moderately better, also she uses singulair and allegra for seasonal allergies and asthma, so those help out for pod itchiness as well.

so happy i found this, i knew you had talked about this product before and i am ready to have my son try it.. he wants to try leg site again and i think this may help he has had some occlusions there before and a little bit of bleeding and bruising .. which sites do you prefer? also do they come off easier with the tegraderm on?, he is a mess with all the sticky stuff and marks. any input would be appreciated! thanks! amy

I've been using the Tegaderm for 2 weeks. It has helped a little. The canula goes right through with no problem. The pod still stays on tight, and the tegaderm pulls off the skin easily. I've been more conscious of drying the adhesive pad after showering so they don't stay wet. That also helps keep the itching at bay but not altogether. :(

I don't think you need to dry the adhesive pad after showering. That could possibly pull up an edge of the Tegaderm. Or maybe add to the itchiness since the towel friction might irritate the itchiness (if that makes sense). I simply let it air dry by itself. It dries pretty quickly and looks as fresh as when applied.

I press tissue onto the pad and roll Qtips under the pod. I definately think it has helped with the itchyness. I've never had a problem with them sticking. They stick too good sometimes!!

I've replied to this posting before, but recently discovered something by chance that might be helpful to others who experience dryness and rashes from the OmniPod. About a month ago I started to get a lot of dryness and itchiness at one the the sites I use on the top my thighs. The 3 other areas were showing the same symptoms, but to a much lesser degree. I was contemplating experimenting with other sites to give my thighs a break. I tried a few moisturizing creams but saw no significant improvement.I just spent 4 days in Tampa and went into the ocean 2 or 3 times maybe 10 minutes in the water each time. I went to change pods on my 3rd day there and noticed that my thighs were completely healed. Like new skin. So I'm assuming it was the salt water. Since I live in Chicago, where there is no salt water lakes, I suppose I'll be adding some salt to the bath water. I'd be curious if others have the same results.