Need To Balance Weight Loss

Good Morning!

I joined the list about a month ago and as I mentioned before I have multiple illnesses. In 1995 I had a heart transplant, however with all the blessings of nearly seventeen years of of life have come some real challenges. I have High Potassium Disease, am Diabetic, on Warfarin for clotting, and in Stage 3 near Stage 4 kidney disease and a stomach ulcer. Of course I have all the aches and pains that come with all these physical problems plus take several potent meds to keep from rejecting my heart.

Now to my problem. I am well controlled on my diabetes with a GFR of 6.5. BUT! I am loosing weight on my low carb diet. I was a tad bit heavier than I should have been when I went off the insulin and went on Glipizide. I weighed around 126 in October and am now at 113. I haven't talked to my clinic since I hit the 114 mark. But I am sure they are not going to be happy and neither am I. I just looked at the Ensure products and am wondering if any of you have this problem and use Ensure or something similar?

I am eating as well and as much as I can but because of the high Potassium and Warfarin problem it is very hard to balance my diet. Any advise is welcome.


This MIGHT still help your kidney problems - I can't tell.

Thiamine 'reverses kidney damage'

I don't have any advice on your other problems.

Thanks for taking your time to send the article Robert. It's quite interesting. My kidney damage has been caused from Prograf and Celcept which are immune suppressant drugs to keep my body from rejecting my heart. I am diabetic because of the high prednisone doses that are given at transplant and used as an immune suppressant drug as well. I have a wonderful strong heart but the drugs needed to keep me alive are also keeping me from being healthy.

However, I am very happy to have been so blessed and do not want to complain. At this point I just don't want to lose anymore weight.

Thanks again.

Hi Yvoanne. we are quit shocked that you were prescribed Prograf and Celcept. Those are prescribed here after Kidney transplant. Maybe they are generic for transplants? My wife had Good Pasture Syndrome and in a coma in 2003. After the Kidney transplant she was on Prograf, but it made her shack! If they managed your kidney how do they not damage my wife's kidney?
"the drugs needed to keep me alive are also keeping me from being healthy!". Both Pat and I take 25 tablets and capsules a day. I'm sure they conflict in our systems, but hey. We are just the patients! We have to all just keep on going. Sunshine, my family and my music make me happy. And smiling is real health so I try to do as much of that as life will permit. thinking of you today!

Good Morning Muleman. All Heart Transplants are on Prograf and Celcept or something similar. I do take the generics but can't spell them and don't want to run downstairs to get the spelling. In the beginning of my transplant I was on Cyclosporine and it really made me shake but after a few months the shaking stopped. In 2004 Dr. Ice put me on Prograf as it has been discovered to be much easier on your kidneys. My creatine level is at 1.5 which really is good. I work hard to protect my kidney's. I have a heart transplant friend who had a kidney transplant a couple of years ago. His kidney was destroyed by the meds. But, he is doing good.

Yes, the number of pills is very interesting isn't it. I don't take nearly as many as you guys do. But I take my share. Actually age is also taking over as I am 74. I think the worst thing I have to deal with is my diet because I have such conflicting issues: Warfarin for clotting, potassium problems, and then the diabetes. My weight is now down to 107 but I am holding and feeling wonderful.

I love your philosophy. Sunshine, family, music, smiling, and reaching out to others is a great formula. I feel as you do. Life is a wonderful gift. I just keep going like the Ever Ready Bunnie and wouldn't change a thing. I will celebrate my 17th Transplant birthday on August 28!

Thanks for contacting me. My day is going to be great just knowing someone is thinking of me today.