Need to vent about MM CGMS!

You know, I love my CGMS when it works! I like that it links to my pump and that its pretty small. I hate though that I swear 40% of the time it doesn’t want to work! I get no light and when I do just try and make it work anyway without the light (I’ve had it work anyway sometimes w/o) I get lost signal! I don’t want to call MM and be on the phone for half an hour to get it replaced when I just wanted it to work in the first place! Ugh!

Stefanie, I was having the same problem and called MM…When have you changed the battery in the CGMS charger itself? It takes a AAA. I had no idea we have to change the battery, but it makes sense that it wouldn’t charge for-evvver!!

Hi Stefanie…MM CGM technology is frustrating, but for the T-1 folks who are compatible, it’s a great management tool. I’ve been off CGM for about a year after using it for two years. During the two years it wasn’t reliable very often, & that’s why I chose to stop spending the money on a technology that didn’t work for me. All I can suggest is to stay linked into this site where I learned a lot about CGM calibration & tricks to get it to work. Even though I had med insurance coverage for the technology, it was still expensive for me & a point of much frustration. Learn as much about it as you can & give it a chance to work for you. I’ve been a T-1 for 25-years & so I have a lot of built up scar tissue from lots & lots of shots & infusion sets, & believe that’s part of the reason it didn’t work for me. I hope you can win out in the end & get it to work for you.

I totally get it!!! I have been using since April. when it works, it is great, when it doesn’t it is a PITA!!!

I have found out a few tips along the way, biggest one was that I kept getting all these sensor errors at night, turns out that our two cordless phones on either side of our bed run on RF and were interfering with the sensor, just moving the one away from my side of the bed helped.

If you know how to “trick” the sensor, I try to wear one that is working well for about a week. If it isn’t working well, I just take it out and take a break for about a week.

There are many times esp… at night when I have been tempted to throw it away.

There have been a couple of times that I have gotten a great rep on Minimed that has given me great tips, the best ones are one’s that use it themselves.

Have some patience and when it is frustrating you, take a break

Hi Stefanie,
Sorry to hear that. It could be weak batteries, as wireless communication needs a lot of “juice” to work reliably. It’s a bit frustating when you have these issues, but a CGMS is a great tool and gives you piece of mind when you go to sleep, among other benefits.


Maybe a promising story?

I just got my new MM Paradigm Veo pump and was able to use a gift card I received to buy sensors. The calibration improvements have been BLOWING my mind. Maybe I’ve just been doing amazingly lately, but I have never had my meter read more than 0.5 mmol/L off from my sensor. I had heard that the algorithms were modified and improved with the new pump, but the positive changes have been unbelievable to me. More times than not, the calibration is bang on. Low and high predictions are almost to the minute correct (when I choose to ignore them and not act on them).

So there is hope! :slight_smile: (And I hope it’s not just working so well for me because it’s fairly new!)

Hi Jen,

Only 0.5 mmol/L (9 mg/dL) off is not bad at all. That shows a lot of improvement.


I gave the MM cgm better than a year and never did get great results with it. Just like you, I’d get way far apart readings. I got the thing to help my son avoid lows, as he frequently has seizures with lows, which this cgm just never did for him. I then got him the Navigator, which I LOVED, but they quit making it and supporting it, so we went with the Dexcom. It’s been great too. I really wish they could combine some of the features of the dex with the navigator. I don’t think I’ll ever trust a MM cgm again unless they make a MAJOR overhaul!

That is GREAT news that they seemed to have improved it so much! Crossing my fingers for you that it continues to work as well. Keep us posted.

Sorry Stefanie! Our MM experience was also very frustrating, although it was good when it worked. It just seemed to be very high maintenance. We suffered from a ton of lost signals - I see a lot of posts about this and yet MM denies it’s a problem. I don’t really know a good solution. We ended up switching to the Omnipod and I saw that as a great opp to try the Dex - it is great (not trying to rub salt in your wounds, but I honestly wish someone who had used both had told me the deal). MM does have a new sensor due out in well who knows, maybe 6-9 months - maybe it will be better.