Needle not retracting in new pods?

I started the new pods about 3 weeks ago. Since then I have had 3 squealers during priming, despite not overfilling and placing the pod to the right of the PDM. But this failure was a new one.

I put a pod on yesterday morning and it hurt upon insertion. This happened a few times with the old ones and the pain usually went away fairly quickly, I just hit a tender spot. The pain did go away but I would have discomfort while rasing my arms sometimes. Today the pain became unbearable so I changed it. When I took it off I saw the needle never retracted from the cannula. I called Omnipod and they said it was rare but happens and there is no way to know it happened so if I ever feel pain just remove it right away. Now I am nervous it will happen again.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any tips on how to avoid it or at least know it happened instead of the wait and see game?

Thankfully, I have NOT had that problem yet... (picture me hitting myself in the head to simulate wood). I hope we don't have a new problem entering the ranks with these new pods now!

Good luck with this one, and let us know if it continues to happen!

There is definitely a fine line between an inexpensive replaceable pod system and pods that are perfect (and more expensive). I just hope Omnipod continues to improve over time.

The new pod has a pink "flag" showing up in a window to assert the needle inserted.

The pink flag did show in the window because the needle inserted fully. It just didn’t retract. So far so good with the next pod and it doesn’t look like my previous site is infected, just bruised.

I am glad there haven’t been a ton of people responding saying this happened to them. Hopefully it will never happen again.

This happened to me yesterday. Like you, I have experienced painful pods and I tend to try to make it at least 24 hours with a painful pod, just so I'm not wasting one. I lasted about 5 minutes with this one and when I pulled it off, it was clear why...

I'll be calling Omnipod today to report it. Hopefully this data will prevent more needle retraction errors in the future.

I haven't had the needle NOT retract...but I noticed that sometimes there is "pop" , then another pop a few seconds later. So far all needles have retracted, it does feel a little bit strange on the phantom insertion.

Not sure exactly what is going on, but so far no pods have given me an error or any pain.

Wouldn't this be visible in the Pod's cannula window?

Not really. The needle is silver and the cannula is a bluish color and with the black background it is really hard to see. I have had a couple since that didn't retract right away but if I jiggled it a bit it did. So now I can see the very very slight color difference when looking at the cannula but it isn't very obvious.

I have had one that popped as if it was "primed" and then when actually placed on the site, it never gave an additional priming pop. Never would work and had to be replaced. No, I did NOT miss a step anywhere, as I follow all the steps to the point of going nuts and having the darned screen time out and go black because they just insist that 60 seconds is long enough for everyone.

Anyway, to rephrase - popped during priming action (prior to taking off the plastic shield over the injection opening), and never again. Dead, full pod (120 units or thereabouts).

I agree here, as I can never actually see anything in that so-called window. I just must assume it worked, and check it again a half hour later to see if I have a leak or not.

Yeah I was excited at first to be able to SEE the cannula..but the window is smaller on the new pods so you still cant really see anything.

My priming issue seems to occur on about every 3 pods...but again the cannula has always inserted at some point..

Just a little strange..but hey if it works right?

I've had a number of pods randomly pop at some point after application. They do sound like something is "stuck" when the needle inserts so I wouldn't be surprised if the subsequent pop is because the needle is finally retracting. It doesn't seem to affect the pod's function though.

With the old pods, I had a couple of really bad insertions where I tapped a super sensitive spot and actually had to remove the pod because of the pain. I can only imagine how painful it must be with the needle still buried into the site.

Whoa we agree on j/k First time the 2nd Pop happened...i thought the needle was still stuck in me...

I've read this complaint on another Pod group. The recommendation is to flick the pod. The needle usually retracts after doing that.

Thanks, sometimes I get extra pain during insertion and usually write it off as site sensitivity. Now I will check closer to make certain the needle is fully retracted.

I recently completely disassembled a pod and examined its operation in excruciating detail. I'm working on a write-up with pictures and animated gifs that I plan to post to this group when I'm finished.

It'll be awhile, tho... work and all.

Anyway, the mechanism that inserts the cannula is very clever. The insertion of cannula and then removal of the pilot need is handled by a single lever wound on a very strong spring. Once the spring is released, if it gets "stuck" mid-way through the process, it is entirely safe to tap on the pod which should get it unstuck.

Another interesting learning: That round disc you can see in the top of the case: It's the beeper.

My dad broke into mine this summer. (I posted a couple of pics) For me the most interesting part was just how mechanical it is. For example the tiny gear that lets the insulin flow. I look forward to learning more from your investigation.