Needs advice

Hi. I am having strange spikes tht even after taking insulin to bring it down…it stays high. I recently started symilian. an injection tht is supposed to lower bg. how is it tht mine is spkiking? I have times tht during a spike I have not eaten for 7 to 8 hrs n the insulin stil doesn’t lower it. I am waiting to hear back from my endo. I eat low carb always. I had highs a lot w the pump believe it or not n when I went back to injections I was wayyy more incontrol. anyone take symilian before n have high bg?? it says I shld expect low bg. I even went back to my normal dosage of insulin n night shot bcuz I was so high. so I feel its pointless to take a shot tht lowers bg n less insulin shot when I’m spiking n taking more then ever. also…putting symalin aside…if I’m not sick…eat very healthy n low carb n exersize…how cld insulin not bring my sugars dwn? it takes sometimes 2 full days to get back to 130 ish. I have been ranging in the 250-350 range n its knocking me out. I usually stay around 130 since back on injections? anyone experience this from symalin or just in general? ty jess :wink:

For a Type 1, unfortunately, highs can happen for lots of reasons, and sometimes for seemingly no reason at all. But that doesn't mean there aren't things you can't do to minimize spikes. You need to make sure all your doses are accurate. If you are continually high two hours after eating, then there is a chance you need to reevaluate your I:C ratios. You can try tweaking them a bit and see how it helps. Ditto your basal rates. Also, your ISF may be off. If you are correcting and still staying in the 250-350 range you might want to reevaluate how much one unit of insulin lowers your blood sugar. Also once you get up around 300 it sometimes takes a larger amount to get it back down.

No, there is no reason Symlin would be causing the spikes, but although Symlin can be very effective to reduce spikes, it doesn't work well for everyone and you have to really figure out the right dose and timing for its use as well as how much to change your insulin doses. Is it possible that since you started using Symlin you reduced your insulin by too much?

Finally, yes, you are right, that if you usually stay around 130 and are seeing highs from 250-350 that you have trouble getting down, something is going on and being sick or incubating an illness could definitely be the problem. Also, it could possibly be your insulin. I would consider a new vial or new pen to see if that is the problem. It doesn't seem to happen very often but it does happen. Lastly are there any other major changes in your life? More stress? Extreme change in the temperature? All those things should be considered, but meanwhile I would just gradually and carefully increase your doses until you get more stable. Test even more often to see the results of your changes and to make sure whatever it is doesn't pass and you don't go low. I hope it resolves soon.

My dr is calling me in the morning. I have already tried most of all ur suggestions :frowning: no luck. in the past when I have spiked…after I corrected…id b back in range after a few hrs. not the case this time. it very odd so I was wondering if tht similan cld b a factor but ur rt I don’t think tht possible. I was hoping to loose some weight from it as well. I recently got diagnosed w hitchimotos thyroiditis as well. always been in top shape but now thanks to tht I’m ten lbs heavier. can anything besides carbs raise bg? Food wise? I have the avg stress id say…but cld stress actually stop the correction from working? cuz even hrs after I corrected (a lot) I stil was almost the same number. so odd. ty again for all ur advice too!