Needs help on CGM

I am a French citizenship , living in France and diabetic from 24 years now. Here in France the system from Medtronic, the Guardian real-Time system is not available at all. it is even forbidden to buy it, so Medtronic do not sell it at all.
I found a way to be supplied on consumable by a Luxembourg company. but i need to buy first the Guardian monitor and the mini-link transmitter. Please could you help to find a way to buy in UK. Here in Eastern Europe it is impossible, and medtronic Canada is not allowed to provide me whith goods in France. i need to find a diabetic who will be very king to be an intermediate for me and give me a chance to buy either a brand new one either someone has choose to go for the Paradigm 722/522 pump and want to resale his Guardian monitor.
Please help me. my diabetes is very unstable, and my eyes come more and more injured, I want to use a CGM system may be i will bemore close to 6.5/7 in ACH, currently i am even starting to get scarred to drive my child and have a crash because of low glucose level and not feeling it. Last night again i had 4.27 g of glucose and I did not felt it, in the morning i was nearly in a coma. Please, give me a answer.

thank you very much.

I will try to discover how one could obtain a Navigator in GB. I know they can be prescibed on the NHS but they are very reluctant to give because of the sensor costs. DexCom who market the 7system in USA tell me they are intending to market in Europe early 2009 but exactly where thet will not say. I am a retired doctor but still have some contacts who could advise and I will put what I discover on the CGMS site. Brian

thank you very much for your help.
In fact I do not really care of the cost because here I can have the sensors. I really just need the Monitor Guardian. I do not know how it works in UK , if there is a obligation to have a prescription for it or we just can provide a agree from a specialist to follow us. Here in France every thing is forbidden if NHS is not taking it under his reimbursment. and it is the case for every GMS. I heard also about Taxam sensor Sensium which follow also the blood glucose. I have a quotation for it but I do not know if optical readings are really realable for glucose I heard not. What do you think about it??
thank you.

Hallo Sadi, I have found that the Medtronic Guardian is available here at a cost of £750 and a prescription is not required. The Europian base for Medtronic is :- Medtronic MiniMed Europe, Route du Molliau 31, CH-1131Tolochenaz, Swirtzerland They do not give a phone number but the branch in GB is Medtronic UK, Suite One, Sherbourne House, Croxley Business Centre, Watford WD18 8WV Tel: 01983212213 I hope this helps you. Best wishes Brian

hello Brian,
thank you very much for this information. It helps me a lot. i will ask them to be supplied with it.
thank you again.