Negative Six

What’s life like on Weight Watchers? Check out

Shannon congratulations on your choice of WW!! Over 30 years ago I went to WW and was pleased with the program. Although it was quite different from today’s. In fact my doc said it was close to what at that time was a Diabetic diet.

I have been a WW’er for over 40 years, and learned much, lost much (never got to goal, but that’s a long story) I’d give anything to get back into the program, but $$ is a problem for us right now. So I follow the plan without the help of a meeting, but honestly, the community of “losers” and people there make the program worth it. I learned a lot, also. I enjoyed the information, and did lose over 50 lbs this last time. Counting carbs is great, but I succeed much better at losing on WW than I am on low carb. Keep going, keep blogging, I love to read positive weight loss stories. Best to you~!

Learning to count carbs has given me a sense of control. When I was on WW although I lost I didn’t feel I was in control as I do with carb counting…