Negitive for anti bodies? What the?


DX’d August 6 with A1c of 16.4…PCP says right away…Type 1…Start on insulin.Ok!
I just returned from an endo at Mayo in Minn and he says the test was negitive…
What does this mean now.?
How did I get this diabetes with NO family or anyone I know has this…
I’m just MAJOR confused…Can’t do the c-peptide as my PCP did not run the test before I started on insulin…
And WHY do I feel the need to know how I got this???
Any info would be great…


Not everyone with type 1 is positive for the antibodies that are tested for, but this definitely doesn’t rule out type 1. A c-peptide can be done after you’ve started on insulin, though. I had one done after I was diagnosed and on insulin. I had antibodies, but I don’t have any family history either. Hang in there! Just focus on what you need to do to feel better and start getting your numbers normalized.


Which antibody tests were done? I was negative to 3 of the tests on diagnosis, and the 4th just snuck over the limit for testing positive. 5 or greater is the number that is considered abnormal and mine was exactly 5. I’m guessing if it had been 4.9 the doctor would have said it was normal. Have you seen the actual numbers? If not, ask to see them as you might be just under the threshold.


Hi Debbie. I had type 1since 1966 and nobody in my family has type 1 except me. As I’ve learned, sometimes people just get type 1. That A1c of over 16 sounds like a real good reason to use insulin, at least for now. Diabetes can be very difficult and very confusing. You wil be OK.


When I was first diagnosed they didn’t know if it was type 1 or 2. You may need to find another endo. my first endo was horrible. I have no family history of diabetes either so it is just a mystery. Learn all you can and you will feel better and you will have a better understanding of the disease. I wish you well.