Neglect of Diabetes is akin to non usage of Helmet

Mr. Parashar was my close friend. I was appointed CEO of his coming up Medical College- the SMPJ Institute of Medical Sciences at Lucknow. When he developed Diabetes 3 years before, he was so excited that he requested me to see him even at 10 PM, despite my reluctance. I did see him on that day and on the following day as well when I advised his some more tests. After that day he would have met me at least 50 times and had telephonic contact on innumerable times but he never talked of his diabetes and I had no ethical reason to raise the issue from my side.

On 19th (Sunday) of the previous month he phoned me at 4 PM and complained of breathlessness. I requested him to proceed to some ICCU as suspected Acute MI. After about 4 hours I received an informative call from one of his close associates that he had died on the way to hospital but he delayed his visit to ICCU by hours and did not believe that it could be MI.

The Whole night I remained perturbed and sleepless as it happens when some close acquaintee dies. He neglected diabetes for such a long period and I felt that his conduct was akin to many young boys of our society who do not wear Helmet despite chalan by police. To me his death looked like a road accident which could be avoided by usage of a helmet.

One word comes to my mind : Denial ( on your friend’s part ) …we need to be or own advocates .

More often than not there are other psychological issues at play when someone chooses to deny their diabetes. It is sad indeed that it takes a loss of a life to highlight the dangers of ignoring ones diabetes.

poor diabetic …the stats here in Canada show : 25 percent of the people living with D are living with depression …very sad.

I am so sorry for the loss of your friend.