Net Carbs when using Smart Scale and weighing out fruits

I know this is a silly question - but I don't know what carbs to count- I LOVE rasberries and strawberries - loaded with fiber -when I weigh them out, do I cover just the net carbs, or all of them.

I cover all the carbs for fruit.

Well, most people don’t process fiber… so can get away with excluding fiber from the total carb count… But, some others like myself, are not so lucky. I think each person is going to be different, in that area, I’m afraid… Trial and error.

If you use insulin-to-carb ratios (take rapid-acting insulin with meals and match that to the carbs you plan to consume), diabetes educators say you can subtract HALF the fiber grams from the total carb grams to get your count.

When companies claim “net carbs” on their packages, they sometimes seem to subtract all the fiber. I’m skeptical of that type of counting.

If you’re watching calories and still make at least some of your own insulin, you may want to consider not subtracting any of the fiber. That way, part of your total carbs will be very low calorie (or non-digestible) fiber that’s kind to weight loss, feeling full, and on-target blood sugars.