Net carbs?

Can someone tell me what the difference is between a carb count and net carbs. Example. Ice cream bars that have on the outside of the box 3 net carbs apiece but on the nutrional label show they are ten.

Rob the info on the out side of the box is for advertising. You have a total carb count then you get to subtract the fiber because it passes through so to speek sugar alcohol is also a part of the equation. you get to subtract 1/2 of the sugar alcohol not all as they do on the package. Hope this helps example total carbs 11 gm Sugar Alcohol 7 gm
net carbs 3 gm impact carbs(that turn to glucose) 6 1/2 grams

Hi Rob!

Andy answered your question well… I never trust the “net carbs” but calculate it myself. The instructions that Andy gave are exactly what I understood from carb counting books… but note that some people have different experiences both with sugar alcohols and with fiber. I count all the sugar alcohols (I don’t subtract half), but I subtract out fiber. Other people apparently don’t subtract out fiber, which you can read about in this discussion.

Happy counting!

To add to the confusion, I’ve been told to subtract out the fiber content only if it’s over 5 grams & to only subtract out half. If the fiber is listed as 6 grams fiber, you can deduct 3 grams from the carb count. But, I never do this. I just go with what the carb count is, or figure it out myself.

Thank you for the responses. Appreciate the meaningful input.

Interestingly, in Europe, Fiber is not even counted in “Total carbs”. It is listed completely separately. Supposedly it does not raise blood sugar enough. I would say that I am not accurate enough of a carb counter to tell you… and I guess if it is not over 5g, then it shouldn’t make a huge difference. But test it out and your meter will tell you :slight_smile:

Rob, I was fooled by this, too. You cannot wipe out a carb with fiber. The carbs will process sooner or later and build in the liver. However, the fiber can slow the spike, therefore, giving your beta cells a break.