Netflix show about death

So, I’m watching that Netflix show called Surviving Death about near death experiences.

Lots of that stuff happens to me when I have low BG or seizures.

Does that stuff happen to you guys? Does that mean our brains are dying?
Do you think there’s bad long term affects from letting your brain almost die?
I feel like there must be. You think some of us have brain damage from that?
How would we know?

Like, when you see the light tunnel, or when space and time change, or when you separate from your body and float up above it (and can see yourself), or when you can see into the infinite universe, or when you can sorta ‘see’ time, or when you feel like you can travel through time and space, etc.

I feel like that stuff happens to me all the time. It has to happen to you guys, too, right? That’s a diabetes thing, not just an epilepsy thing, right? When I see really bright, colorful lights, I tend to think thats an epilepsy thing.

Does it have anything to do with dying or is it simple brain malfunction? I’ve just always perceived it as brain malfunction.

This guy tries to paint the lights. Its not bad at all. Good reproduction of the colorful lights. But, I have seen different lights - pixilated neon lights.

Near death experiences from low BG caused seizures. Definitely.
Brain damage. Yeah, I once had a seizure when I was 18 and afterwards my hand eye coordination went bye bye for a long time and hasn’t ever fully recovered.

How low do you think your BG was? Single digits?

Don’t know really but the glucagon wasn’t working at first so paramedics got called but I had stopped seizing by the time they got there. I do know that I can be in the 20’s and fully conscious though.

I know, or at least remember, that I was in the 20’s while I was skiing the Men’s Olympic downhill run in Whistler in British Columbia. Now, I’m not saying that I was skiing it as good as Body Miller, but I was skiing it just fine. Unless it was super cold and the machine was reading off or something.

How low do BG machines read now? At what point do they just read “LOW.”

20 is the standard lowest BG a home meter can read.

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I had one in the 20s about 20 years ago before cgm.
Had a seizure and paramedics brought me back but said they were surprised how much dextrose it took to wake me up.
It was a wake up call for me to test more and be more careful.
Nothing like that has happened since.
I hope never. I recently took an IQ test and I got a 127. That’s 2 points higher than when I was 21.
So although my memory is not as great, my cognition is still good.
I don’t know though if age is the problem or if it is diabetes related

I don’t see any strange stuff from grand mal seizures (which are the same as low BG seizures). I just blackout and might not remember anything proceeding the event. Although, I might get some strange visuals/physical sensations for a month following a big grand mal. Those are little partial seizures. When you have 1 seizure, you kinda lubricate those electrical pathways and are more likely to have other seizures.

I only get the strange 'near death ’ type experience during certain low BG events and partial (remaining conscious) seizure.

Maybe I’m the only one who gets those strange events. Maybe its not a diabetes thing at all. Maybe its an epilepsy thing. IDK.

It is not far fetched that these are diabetic events that resemble near death experiences. I read somewhere once that near death experiences are the brain being robbed of oxygen and glucose as ones heart stops.

I thought about this. I think its also plausible that you get goofy electrical activity throughout your brain when you die (which makes it kinda like a partial seizure).

I’m pretty surprised nobody else has this happen to them.

When people in Mexico think they see Mother Mary or when people report getting abducted by aliens and taken to the ship - I’ve always felt pretty sure those are epilepsy events. Its not dissimilar to the ‘end of life’ experiences reported.

I may need to be cautious about attributing everything to low blood sugar.
Or, maybe my brain is just pre-lubricated to have strange low blood sugar symptoms.