Neuropathy in hands,up my back

Got diagnosed with neuropathy today. Not sure what that means now… I have gone to the dr, chiropractor, massage therapist, reflexologist endocrinologist and finally, it was the physiotherapist who told me!
She gave me some exercises to do and told me keep heat on it.
I will still go to the chiropractor and reflexologist for treatments, but will this eventually clear up? It quite painful! My diet has changed and my meds have been changing almost every 2-3 months. She says my body is stressed and tired.

Get plenty of quality rest, try a new bead, how is your BP are you under some new stress? It could be something simple that you could change, medical professionals are quick to pin the Neuropathy tag on us diabetics. My BG was wacko at night and it caused me to suffer from insomnia, back and joint pain, I felt terrible but after I corrected my sleep numbers and got a new bead I started sleeping soundly for 6-7 hours a night, feeling good again.

Yeah, new stress as I have just moved in the summer, but I have had numerous med changes and tons stress these past 2 years. Physioterapist says my muscles are crammed into me and I have alot of damaged tissue from that. |She says she sees that in patients who have had accidents years ago, but never in someone that hasn't had any accidents.I have a new bed I got 2.5 years ago and I love it! I sleep fairly well besides my body aching and waking me up. My blood pressure has gone up to normal ranges as of last year Summer. I was always on the lower end of normal. 100/60 to 110-65. Now I am 120-75 to 126-80. So iguess you could say my blood pressure has gone up but no ones worried about it.My night time sugars are low at night. I sleep with crackers,cheese or nuts, and juice box by my bed at all times. I just got my med adjusted yesterday and will take lower doses insulin now for night. Will make myself rest as hard as that is..... :) So I can make this go away......? Good to know.