Neuropathy, Toes/Feet and Doxycycline

@rcarli It’s good to know you will be home soon! My good thoughts and prayers, along with a lot of hugs, continue! Thank you so much for sharing! It helps so much!

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Maybe “either”, but be very very cautious about both.

From Established and emerging therapeutic uses of PDE type 5 inhibitors in cardiovascular disease - Tzoumas - 2020 - British Journal of Pharmacology - Wiley Online Library
" concomitant use of PDE5Is with nitrates, sGC stimulators and α‐adrenoreceptor antagonists is contraindicated due to the risk of a potent hypotensive interaction (Webb, Freestone et al., 1999), "

"PDE5Is are contraindicated with all nitrates (eg, nitroglycerin, glyceryl trinitrate, isosorbide mononitrate). "

And so on. I seem to remember a few reports of deaths in the early days of PDE5Is, but I haven’t tried to track them down. The party line these days seems to be that the contraindication to intentional concomitant use is about as close to absolute as one can reasonably get.

By the way, why doesn’t anyone talk about plain ole niacin as an OTC vasodilator any more?