Neuropathy - Vertigo

Ugh, brain spinning. How awful & disorienting. There are two kinds of vertigo. One it's the room spinning around & the other is where the surroundings are still & the person feels like she's spinning. Both are equally horrid.

My mother-in-law has syncope Vertigo made her sick to her stomach before she passed out. Her doctors never found the cause. But, she's on meds & fine now.

Hope it's an ear infection, which is the common cause. That's easily remedied. Stay safe. Know it's really scary.

I had dizziness and it was determined it was the beginning of my back pain which the doctors prescribed Neurontin (generic name is: Gabapentin) for. It took over four weeks for me to get used to the dizziness and seeing quadruple and feeling nauseous before it all calmed down. Then the sharp pins and needle pains were lessoned. I told the doctors it was horrible and they said just deal with it and I'll get used to the medication and it'll be worth it. BTW, this was long BEFORE I was Dx'd with Diabetes, back then they prescribed Neurontin/Gabapentin for sharp nerve pain in the feet and legs and such. I hope this helps someone, even though this is an old thread. I still take gabapentin to this day. I have asked about Lyrica but the doctor says gabapentin is still best for me, even after he now knows I have diabetes in addition to deferred nerve pain from a botched low back surgery.

I had bi-lateral positional vertigo (when I turned my head or rolled over on either side) last year. Had to sleep sitting up and not turn my head quickly for a couple weeks and had lingering balance problems for a couple months afterwards. Don’t know if it was related to BG.

I think it’s possible. I had episodes when I got dizzy when turning to one side. I googled and came up with Positional Vertigo that is a disorder of the inner ear and could have to do with nerve damage. So I’m thinking it could be a form of a neuropathy. I have neuropathy in my feet, too. Nerve damage is common with T2D.

Vertigo ,unsteady gait ,pressure in the ears are all symptoms of Meniere’s disease… the only ones you did not mention are hearing loss and ringing in the ears

But could nerve damage bring on Meinure’s?
Because that would be the diabetic link.

I’ve never come across a link between D and Meniere’s disease in the medical literature. Maybe I haven’t looked hard enough, but I suspect there is no link.

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Before looking to D complications and neurological problems I’d want to eliminate the possibility it’s just a garden variety “Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo”–an elaborate name for something that happens to many of us as we move into middle age. Basically you build up a little bit of cruft in your inner ear as you age and when bits of it come loose and float around it throws off your sense of balance. In my case sudden head movements, and particularly rolling over in bed, would cause a wave of dizziness. When my wife had it she actually went through the treatment where they roll you around through a series of positions that cause any loose particles to settle into a spot in the tubing where they can’t easily get free again. For me it ended spontaneously after a month or two–probably the thing found its way into a cranny all by itself.