Neuropothy Diagnosis

Went to the doctor today and as I had suspected, I do have the neuropothy in my feet and hands. Just what I needed! I chose not to treat it with anything but the pain meds I take for my arthritis at this time, as I don't need to gain MORE weight and she said that medication does cause that. I need to loose about 100 lbs, and am really struggling with that! Just seems like more and more is being piled on... really gets depressing sometimes! I feel soooo tired! Like I could lay down and sleep for a month! Yet I can't sleep but 2-3 hrs at a time w/o waking up with joint pain from arthritis.

sorry to be so down.... guess we all get like this at times, huh?

Sorry Connie about the neuropothy diagnosis. These chronic illnesses definitely get us down. Sometimes it helps me to get outside, get moving and walk alittle. Anyway, feel free to vent away!! {{hugs}}

You’re right there… it does help to get outside or go somewhere for awhile. I try to get out every evening and go pet my horses or sit and talk to my husband in the back yard… just SOMETHING to get out of the house! When I’m inside a lot, I read… nothing like a good book to get your mind off your troubles!! :slight_smile: