Never been sick

I have had type II for 10 years, and honestly have never had the flu or anything like it, stomach or respiratory in those 10 years. This year has been different though I “think” I have had the flu (stomach) three times, at least I have had some of the symptoms of the flu…and don’t like them at all. Now what about the BS’s…they are all the same as a normal day , between 100 - 130…so am I sick or did I just eat something that didn’t like me? Yesterday it was oatmeal and fruit…was not a good combo. Today, I am a little tired, no temp, no other symptoms. But then I haven’t eaten and it’s almost noon. Haven’t taken my meds yet either, and maybe it’s all the medications I take. I am puzzled. I have a new doc, and am a little nervous about calling her and saying all this, cause I think it will sound like whining.
what to do? I have no clue.