Never mind the quality feel the width PART 1

Title is from a comedy show long long ago but aptly fits many situations today when it comes to quality be it quality of life quality time to yourself or quality in a product or service you buy or use nothing seems to of merchantable quality or what it states on the box or product it seems nothing is made to last any length of time these days, visiting the doctor your 10 minute or 15 minute consultation often leaves you thinking why did I bother what have I gained do I feel any better did he or she understand my problem or concerns properly as you know if you have read any of my previous blogs I was prescribed Victoza which really worked for 12 months in reducing by weight by 2 stone but that stopped happening and weight slowly came back not all the 2 stone but enough to depress me somewhat the I was prescribed extedetide/bydurian hope I have spelt that properly both of which were featured on a Television programme this week with what seemed like serious side effects and a possible relation to some deaths so have these 2 drugs taken by me done me any good........who knows more to the point have they done me any harm.
All I was told by my diabetec doctor is that I needed to loose weight and get my diabetes under control if like me you trust your doctor to know best you take the drugs the last drug bydurean was withdrawn kinda sharply did my doctor know about the allegations soon to be on television or in the newspaper, guess like most professionals covering one's back seems to be the order of the day forget the poor patsy taking the drugs.
There seems to be enough in this blog so will continue with part 2 soon food for thought or in my case food for weight