Never slowing down because I'm never stopping :D

Since the day I was diagnosed with diabetes until today I’ve learned so many things, such as:

1.- That I don’t need to ask me"why?", because it isn’t to late.
2.- I need to keep it UP! high or low, for my family and friends.
3.- I HAVE TO BE PROUD OF ME, because I can still do all the things I love to do like: writing, acting, dancing and photography!

So my simple win today, which is an everyday small victory, is not just being proud of diabetes, is having the chance and opportunity to share my story with YOU! :smiley:

So…what is your simple win today? what is that thing makes you feel you’re never stopping?

My simple win is that I am still curious enough to find out why am I here with the battle at hand. Sometimes you go through so much in life and in one moment you wonder why am I here. Why was I spared on the other times that seemed like close calls. When I was first diagnosed I was at 1000 in glucose level. So i was spared at that time, must have been for a reason. I believe in random events but every once in a while there has to be a reason for things to happen. So today being alive is a simple or maybe not so simple win. Plus I actually survied all weekend without going too high or too low while out shopping with the family, has not happened in a while.

take care

My simple win is that I get to help others with something that I deal with every day. I get to raise awareness of diabetes and teach people how to prevent it… well type 2 anyway. I am an example of someone who lives with diabetes everyday and doesn’t let it get me down. Diabetes hasn’t changed the way I live my life. But it has definately made me into the person I am today.