New Accessory for American Girl Dolls

A Diabetes Kit! will be available on Jan 1, 2016
from the LA Times:

"For years, girls with diabetes and their parents have written to American Girl, asking the company to make diabetic accessories for their dolls.Two
years ago, then-11-year-old Anja Busse of Antigo, Wis., created a petition calling on American Girl to create diabetic
accessories and insulin pumps for dolls. The petition garnered 4,335

“I have two American Girl dolls, but there’s no diabetic supplies so
they look just like me,” Busse says in a video posted in January 2014 on
the petition website and on an accompanying Facebook page. “I want my
doll to be just like me.”This wish will be realized on Jan. 1, when the company releases a diabetes care kit accessory for dolls.

The kit, which includes a blood sugar monitor, insulin
pump and lancet, will be available online and in the company’s 21 retail
stores and will sell for $24, a spokeswoman said. American Girl is a
subsidiary of El Segundo-based Mattel Inc.

“American Girl has a long history of creating items that speak to
diversity and inclusion, and the diabetes care kit is yet another way we
are expanding in this important area,” Stephanie Spanos, American Girl
spokeswoman, said in an email.American Girl has other
accessories, including wheelchairs and hearing aids, as well as dolls
without hair. A set of doll arm crutches will also be released Jan. 1.

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Marie, My grand daughter was telling me about this. She was subtly suggesting that Poppa might want her to have one. Well you know birthdays do come around every year? LOL


so this must be the thing my sister Rachel is bugging my mom to get her. will make a nice accessory for her dolls.

We’ve been chatting on Twitter w @ American_Girl and I’d also like to report they can ship internationally:

“Yes, we can ship to the UK. Please e-mail us at for ordering instructions.”

I ordered the kit on January 1st for my granddaughter - age 8. It arrived yesterday!! She is thrilled and it’s really a wonderful accessory. Mackenzie is using it for her Bitty Baby which is the AG doll she plays with the most. It comes with a little “bag” to keep everything inside. First thing Mackenzie did this morning was to say to Bitty - mommy has to check your blood sugar. She likes it - and I think it will be helpful for Mackenzie. It has a bag for storage of supplies, a glucose meter, insulin pen, pump, medical bracelet, glucose tablet container (nothing in the container of course) and “infusion site” stickers. The stickers are a little hard to use and it took a few minutes for us to figure out what they were for (lol). Anyway, I think this is wonderful for any T1 child who plays with American Girl Dolls.