New Animas pumper!

I'm on my Animas Vibe pump for 5 days now. I really love the Animas color screen and the integrated Dexcom CGM ! After 10 years with a Medtronic pump (712-715-722) I was ready for a change!

Glad to hear you are enjoying the Vibe! I'm currently on a out of warranty 2020 and patiently awaiting to see if I can get some sort of coverage for purchase of either a Ping and Dexcom (separate - since I tend to go to MDI from time to time for change of pace). I was using a MM for 3 months - in the old days (2008) when you could give a test run of a pump before plunking down hard cash. Then I discovered Animas 2020 - and the screen (oh the screen!!!).

I'm actually meeting up with a newbie pumper this w/e - to find out how they are enjoying pumping (so far - their texts have not been happy). They are like me, MDI for 41 years, then recently decided to go on a pump. Sadly, I got a text from them today, that their pump overheated. They were told to stop using it. Wait for replacement. Not a good start to pumping for them.

I'm wondering if the battery was at fault for causing the heat up - but until I meet them - I'm not sure what caused the problem. Hope you don't have any of those experiences, it would be a shame to put you off what I think is the best thing since sliced bread.

Psst, do you have a name for your pump? Mine is George Michael, due to being pink, and my previous 2020's that had some issues and were replaced (1st was Antonio Banderas, then Salvador Dali), all had male names. I mean, they do sleep with us all the time ;)

I ordered my vibe a couple of weeks ago!! I should have by mid to late January!! YIPPEE!! I have been on animas pumps for about 5 years now. I have never tried another pump. I love that they are waterproof. I am terrified of the dexcom insert!! How bad is it really?? I will be new to the dexcom side of things. Do you only use your pump for your Dexcom or do you have the dexcom G4 device to see your readings? It was reccomended to me to get the Dexcom receiver and use along with the vibe, do you feel this is necessary, is it another gadget that will sit in my bag? I am super excited to get the new pump and try out the Dexcom!! Thank you for any input!


I don't give name to my pumps, but as they are doing the job of another (the lazy pancreas) I'm wondering if "The scab" would be a good nickname for my pump! ;)

The insertion of the Dexcom sensor was less painfull than the insulin canula for the pump. I don't know why someone recommands you to buy the Dexcom device. Your Animas will already shows you your results in graphs (last 1h, 3h, 6, 24h, actual result, etc) In my opinion, you don't need it. Start with only the Vibe and if the Dexcom device gives you more options that you want, buy it after. I don't know very well the Dexcom device so I can't say if it gives more options than the Animas Vibe gives you in terms CGM.

Thanks for your reply and input Mario!