New arrival

On this occassion I missed the stork by 15 minutes by the time nan and I got to the hospital baby Jacob had arrived according to the midwife he did not hang about and came out like a bullet, so when we got to see him mom was holding him as moms do, kissing him on the head and talking to him. Having gone through the process 5 times ourselves nan and I were happy as a sandlark when the tide has just gone out, our 5 kids are all grown up now and our family includes 4 grand children,all born within the past 5 years, when the wife and I got married in 1967 I do not even think we thought we would be the proud grand parents of 3 girls and one boy but 42 years of marrige gives you space for all these wonderful things to happen.

In 2004 when I had my massive heart attack all looked bleak I had made my peace with God but I guess he had other things for me to do otherwise I would never have seen my grand kids so a special thanks to him/her for that.

here is a photo od our newest member of the family with granma and also a photo of me telling Jacob about all the wonderful things we are going to do together like fishing which to be honest I have never done in my life but always a first time for everything.

I must admit life can be hard sometimes even downright nasty but when good things happen it washes all those bad times away, so here is to my wife, our kids ,grandkids wives and partners and not forgetting boyfiends a hug and kiss for the good times fingers crossed more are on the way.

Congrats Grandpa, he’s beautiful!

A beautiful miracle indeed. Congratulations to the new grandpa!

Kisses to the new angel! Congratulations.

A whole 15 minutes late??? Geez, you should do penance …or something. :smiley: j/k

What a Sweetheart you have there. Congratulations to you and your Family on the New Arrival. I’m sure that you and Jacob will share lots of Fun times togrether. Blessings to him and his New Life.

Great to see that you made it back from your heart attack. I know what you mean about God having other plans for us(mine wasn’t a heart attack).