New cgm

Dying to make new cgm active but also want to wait until I have pump settings dialed in. Am not new to cgm or this system just haven’t used in awhile. Can’t decide weather it will be easier to dial in with chm or finger sticks. Just am not looking forward to alarms. Any and all options are welcome. But the way using 530g with enlite.

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Hope it works out great for you this time. You say you’ve been off CGM for a while—not everyone takes to it but I’d be interested in why. Also, I’m pretty good on D acronyms, but… “chm”?

I think he means CGM. Can you put it into vibrate mode?

In vibrate mode. I went off cgm because transmitter/sensor fell off and was lost. Spell changes cgm to chm eveytime.

I can’t tolerate posting from my phone. I’m always at my PC (a laptop hooked up to a 29" monitor and a full keyboard & mouse). It always amazes me when I see posts that are lengthy, done from a phone.

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I know. I am so slow on a phone. My family pokes fun at me.

I am amazed at the speed I see other people work their phone.

Maybe one day…


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Never, for me. My old phone (Note 2) had a keyboard large enough that was tolerable to type on. My S7’s keyboard is too small for me, yet I like the small form factor of the phone. I don’t look forward to having to buy a larger phone next time, but I might not have a choice if I want an S10. We’ll see. The battery life on the S7 is my biggest issue.