New Challenge


Well, I found you guys online today about an hour after I found out I was a new doctor wants to start me on diet and exercise before medication (I like that)....and I am to go to an education class in a week or so. I plan to start educating myself NOW since I can't decide whether to be frightened (although I guess a bit of that is healthy) or what. I think I need to look at this as a challenge that I can handle - I want to be strong from the onset. I really don't know much right now, so any kind words would be great!


Welcome! Don’t feel that you have to learn everything right this minute. This will all be a learning process, and a lot of it will be trial and error.


Hi Janet:

Welcome to the site! From your post it sounds like you were diagnosed with Type 2. If that is the case, I know what you are going through. While there is a bit of a learning curve, it is a challenge that you can handle. I know because I have been there. Feel free to post questions in the forums or ask members directly (including me).