New Class of Insulin Delivery Device Approved for Use with Humalog, NovoLog

July 30, 2010

New Class of Insulin Delivery Device Approved for Use with Humalog, NovoLog

Diane Fennell

On July 26, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the Finesse insulin patch-pen, a new type of insulin delivery device, for use with NovoLog
rapid-acting insulin. In January, the device was granted FDA clearance and
approved for use with Humalog rapid-acting insulin.

Finesse is a small, slim, plastic delivery device that contains a 200-unit reservoir for insulin, which is dispensed under the skin via either a
6-millimeter or a 9-millimeter cannula (a 27-gauge inserter needle is used to
introduce the cannula). The device is designed to attach to the skin with
adhesive and can remain in place for up to three days. Depending on the model,
boluses of either 1 or 2 units of insulin are delivered by squeezing the two
buttons located on either side of the device. (To prevent accidental boluses,
both buttons must be pressed before insulin is dispensed.)

The device is intended for use with rapid-acting insulin only, so users will still need shots of long-acting basal insulin.

Jeffrey Purvin, Chairman and CEO of device manufacturer Calibra Medical, says, “Finesse combines the fast, discreet, needle-free features of wearable
insulin pumps with the non-electronic simplicity, safety, and affordability of
insulin pens.”

According to diabetes blogger Bernard Farrell, the manufacturer is currently working out some supply and design issues, and at present there is no
definitive release date for the device.

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Interesting. I wasn’t totally sold behind the idea until I saw the comment about off-label use for symlin at the end of John’s link. I don’t use it myself, but I could actually see a market for that (would be better than injx or a second pump).

I would be interested for symlin as well.patch wouldn’t do much good for fast acting for me–I need less than one unti much of the time…where the Ping is king for me…

Wow, that sounds great especially for people who are sometimes caught without their pens (I carry mine in my purse.) I imagine it could be a problem for men. It looks a lot like the new Solo pump.