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[Clinical NCT0391617](http://Clinical NCT0391617)

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Sorry I posted the link first. Still trying to figure out technology and computers are my downfall!

So anyway, yes I am in a new study and it is all about glucagon and insulin and how they work together. But with type 1, things don’t work as well as things should. This drug that I have done a previous study (I got the half dose last time), is called REMD-477 by REMD Biotherapeutics, Inc.
There is more topics on this study at
But besides trying to figure out how to put these links in a post, I just wanted to say how wonderful this drug is! It is once a week injection and I must say, my CGM charts are flat. I even had pizza twice and Mexican once last week with an absolutely flat line. Insulin levels are down and CGM numbers are lower than I’ve seen in awhile. And the cool thing is no work!
Studies like this make me realize once again, that trying to manage diabetes is not a very easy task. There are so many, many things that play into blood sugar management. And diabetes is more than just lacking one hormone. So many hormones play into this as we continue to learn.
Again, sorry about that link issues. It is a learning experience,isn’t it?!


Very exciting!

What does it do? Sounds like it could cause lows if it inhibits glucagon. That is great it helped you.

That’s pretty cool. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

Actually my urgent lows have gone up to 1%. Up from 0%. But that is because we needed to lower insulin doses. My sensitivity is now 1:120 and 1:110 depending on work day or off day and my carb ration is now 1:16 vs 1:12. Basal rates now 9 units vs 12 units.
My take away here is that the body is very complex! And us thinking just insulin is very wrong. So many hormones are in the mix. I think Smylin was the first big move realizing that the body needs a multitude of hormones working together. If our liver is always producing glucagon we can never catch up.
I must say, I am so darn thrilled with the results. My CGM lines are flat! And when I did this drug study last year, I got the half dose and really saw nothing but I saw some of the charts and talked with someone who had the full dose and he and is wife were thrilled with the results. Less, insulin, less lows and highs were flattened out.
I am really hoping this makes it to market. It is very, very easy. One injection a week and I am rolling!


Sure sounds interesting. Less insulin = easier weight loss, too. In theory anyway. My TDD has gone down (as has my instability) since taking Jardiance, but weight loss… maybe not so much.

Were there any side effects for you?

Wow! Really exciting, but probably a long way off. REMD still has to cross many FDA hurdles. This study was phase 1. They’re recruiting right now for a phase 2 trial. Are you going to participate?

I am very fortunate and have never had any major side effects with a new drug. When I started Victoza, I had a little stomach issues but after a few days, no problem. I had great success with Victoza, lower insulin levels, less post meal spikes and no appetite! So weight loss was great!!! But when doing clinical trials, I have gone and off depending on trial requirements.
But this new drug, I have noticed no issues at all. So if it gets through the next phase, I hope it comes to market. I will try and post my CGM charts that show a flat line!


Yes, I am hoping to be able to enroll in the next phase. Not sure what the placebo vs actual drug ratio will be. It would be my luck I get the placebo :slightly_frowning_face:

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