New Dexcom 7+ user (liking it) 3 weeks now

This forum has been very helpful in helping me in my first 3 weeks of using the Dex. I got partial coverage through Premera Blue Cross insurance, in the Seattle, WA area. (They cover 80%, I pay 20%).

First sensor on abdomen had some problems with edges peeling up, tried some extra tape, which irritated me, but I got 2 weeks out of the first one. Second one I tried on my thigh, and found it much more comfortable, but it failed on day 6. Dexcom customer service is great, but is NOT approved to be worn anywhere but abdomen. They are sending me a replacement.

I REALLY like LOVE having this. Even though the readings aren't that close sometimes, it is the "trending" that is helping me the most, and the LOW alert is no nice to wake you up before it's too late......that has saved me from those really miserable lows.

I give this product a thumbs up. I am hopeful that the future will bring more accuracy, smaller size and pump integration. We've come a long way from testing our 2 hour old pee in a glass test tube and shooting up with glass syringes we had to use when I was a kid.