NEW DexCom G4 Platinum Overview

DexCom has just announced that their new G4 Platinum CGM has been approved by the FDA. For the announcement, pictures & video of the new CGM click here.

Do you know if the order of a Dexcom G4 will need a prescription?

I assume you are asking if a new script will be necessary? I'm guessing no. I'll be speaking with sales tomorrow and I'll report back.

Great news. The color choices are really attractive.

I am just asking because in Germany we distinguish between medications available on prescription and auxiliary medication / material / devices. The free medications and auxiliary stuff can be bought over the counter or ordered without a presciption. So from my perspective it seems strange that a CGMS should need any prescription at all. It is not dangerous (okay the spring mechanism can hurt) and any form of abuse is higly unlikely. I am willing to order the G4 but the prescription is in my way so it seems.

I’m so excited.i’ll be on the phone as well.