New Dexcom update Yuk! Now you have to

See my post about this… it seems to be not very easy to get info or help with this.

On the Facebook group you are not supposed to ask how to download the app. They don’t even pin the information at the top of the group but somehow I managed to find a page that said there seem to be three ways to do this.

One, you can use the Shuggah app which is what I am doing, the problem with that is you can’t calibrate. Two, you can pay $100 per year to get an apple encoder account that allows you to put the code in to your phone or something like that. Three you can somehow get this on your phone by using the app TestFlight but you also have to download it and in order to do it on TestFlight you need to be invited by somebody on the Facebook group who has already installed the code on their phone.

And you’re not allowed to ask anybody if they have an invitation- you just have to keep checking back there apparently.

I haven’t checked back yet to see if anybody replied to my question there about how I’m supposed to do all of this. Maybe someone here can give more specific info.

I hope someone here will provide better help.

@meee Yes, I was on that site too and it’s not a simple solution.

But I had deleted the Dexcom ap, when I was using my other phone. So I finally downloaded it again and it is behaving better this time. The banners aren’t as big and they go away with a quick swipe. But you need to be able to silence the “non” critical alerts. I was in the dentists chair and I go in higher because I always drop. So it went off only because I was in the low 130’s after a certain time frame. And it was either hand me my phone to acknowledge it, it or just say don’t worry about it. So still yuk. Fix it Dexcom! Any I am not at 55, I am not going to be at 55 should be able to be muted!

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I am frequently low but I still don’t want it beeping at me nonstop. I have both shuggah and dex running now. Problems with each as usual lol. You can calibrate shuggah but it doesn’t seem to respond to that when I did it. It has a great amount of info, way more-than dex. But I haven’t figured out how to turn off some alarms yet. They don’t always alarm and like dexcom it disconnects a lot.

I just started a new transmitter On Shuggah you have to delete the connection you have and restart with the new transmitter. My transmitter was only one day over 90 days when I called Dexcom so they wouldn’t give me another one. And I find that in the last two weeks of the transmitter I start getting terrible readings so I don’t think it was the sensor. So if that happens again I’m going to call to get a new transmitter before the warranty is up.

I had about a day and a half where dexcom had me running at low and 40 nonstop, wouldn’t let me calibrate it and most of the time my blood sure wasn’t even low. It was doing it again with the new sensor transmitter, but it seems ok now hopefully.

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I really don’t recall ever updating the software. Back in the G4 days (were I Started) I bought an iPhone 7+ To be able to use dexcom . This post had me go out and search for the rev.#. 1.10.1. My question does it self update.

I found that the update to Android 13 made it impossible to run the Dexcom app on my Google Pixel 5 phone. I was using the build it yourself app from Reddit, which is NOT approved by Dexcom at all, but which always worked on any of my phones when they were too “new” for app. Anyway, my phone updated automatically to Android 13 around Aug. 2 and everything worked until Aug. 25. I did everything I could, including downloading and deleting both the build it yourself app and the official Dexcom app a million times, a new transmitter form Dexcom, (which didn’t make any sense to me, because the transmitter was working fine with my pump), but of course, nothing worked. I ended up buying a second hand Samsung S21, since I discovered the Dexcom app did work when I downloaded it to my daughter’s phone. Anyway, it’s working fine on my new phone, but I’m not letting it update to Android 13. A technician told me Dexcom is behind on its compatibility programming, because they won’t hire as many programmers as they need and things are constantly changing with cell phones.

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