NEW DM3 Software!

I was trained tonite on the Dexcom 7+ and my trainer told me the new DM3 software should be available next week for download! Thanks Renz

Wahoo! Thanks for the info! (Isn’t it May 18 that we are supposed to call and bug them for our software?) I’m looking forward to seeing all the data about when I exercised on actual paper.

Have fun with your new Dexcom Seven Plus! I started mine two weeks almost 2 weeks ago and it has spotted a lot of lows I was having (that I don’t feel). I guess that explains why my A1c had been in the perfect range for so long (LOL!). I love Dex! (Sorry to go on…) I can actually exercise to the fullest and not be scared (like I was trained to do from when I was first diagnosed - my gym teacher immediately banned me from running, so now I’m trying to relearn how to run…) I’ve lost 5 pounds this week thanks to Dexcom and being able to run my butt off and lower my basal rates and not overdose on sweets and sugar to bring up lows.

Again, Congrats on your new Dexcom Seven Plus!

Thanks I am still trying to work it all out between the Sexy dexy as I call her and the Omnipod I have had DB for awhile but i am truly serious about getting into this disease and hopefully gaining a grip on it thanks RenZ