New Doctor and new medicine

Well it’s been an interesting week. I had my first visit with my new doctor (an endocrinologist)….I like her. Her approach is much different then Dr. N’s. Her major interest is trying to preserve my beta cell function and getting my postprandial numbers under control. To that end we’re trying something completely different….

Byetta….apparently GLP-1 has been shown to regenerate beta cells. My c-peptide is low but not too low and she feels that if the new research is right using byetta might work for me since the autoimmune attack seems to be more benign.

We started off with a baseline C-Peptide test and urine test to check for protein (something Dr. N hadn’t done) and a free byetta 5mcg pen along with an instructional DVD. Dr. H feels I might not have to move up to the 10mcg dose at all….in her opinion the 5mcg will do what we want it to do.

We talked a lot about the progression of this decease….we sat side by side looking at my blood tests for the last year and she really took the time to go over all my numbers and what they meant.

So….on Wednesday I started my romance with the lizard. No nausea which I’ve heard can be brutal but I have had my share of tiredness. (filed under too much information) But it’s also ‘that time of the month’ so my tiredness could be a result of that. My postprandial numbers have looked a little better (180 and below, rather then 300) no ugly lows….this stuff seems to keep me pretty steady. I don’t mind the needle prick and in fact I hardly feel it at all, except for one time so far when it stung a little. I’ve also experienced the side effect of feeling cold….but it’s summer in Texas so right now I’m actually happy about that.

We’ll see how it goes…..Oh and her comment about me having LADA “hmmm….maybe, maybe not, maybe MODY….makes little difference, we’re going to treat YOUR diabetes, call it whatever you want”

Yep…that makes me happy!