New Emergency Response Service for Daily Diabetes Management

Diabetes Response Service is the first and only pro active emergency monitoring system utilizing live operators designed for diabetics and hypoglycemia. You can schedule daily phone calls/mobile phone/text messages - or a combination of all three - select backup contacts and turn scheduled calls on/off in a fully customizable control panel. If you get into an emergency situation from low glucose levels, Diabetes Response Service contacts your friends and neighbors to respond to the situation. If they are unable to respond, an ambulance will be dispatched to your location. The system was created by a diabetic, for diabetics. Visit

I’m fixing to go there now! Thank you for letting us know about it! I can only imagian how useful it is to not only me but all us D’s out there!

HI Leslieann. Diabetes Response Service was designed as an emergency support system, not an alternative to your regularly scheduled routine. Some people receive a handful of calls, sometimes even 2 in the middle of the night. I have one scheduled at 12 am, 2 am and 7 am. We do not recommend replacing your treatment for ours. It’s simply an additional preventative measure that will work for many diabetics who need security. Thanks for the input.