New endo office

I had my first appointment at a new endo office yesterday. I had the best experience ever, and never imagined there was a place like this even out there. The NP was very thorough, they drew labs, did a retinal exam, and I saw a diabetes educator about starting up on a pump. I can’t believe the technology! At my last office, they made changes based off of the numbers you brought in. The new office was able to download my readings off of my BG monitor and CGM. They took so much time looking at patterns and looking at the “big picture”. I’m so happy that I switched! I’m also happy to report that I am wearing a demo OmniPod and have started the process of getting one ordered. I’m so excited! I wish I would have found this place when it opened. I’m anxious to see the improvements in my A1C over a period of working with their team. I’m wondering now if all offices are this thorough, and if my old one was just that out of date??

I think it really depends where you go! I grew up going to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, which is pretty up to date. Then as an adult I switched to a clinic at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Also very up to date. I think some of the smaller private clinics are less up to date than the big hospital clinics, in general (but not always).

That sounds dreamy! Do you live in the western suburbs of Chicago?

yes do you live in the western suburbs of Chicago??

I’m in the western suburbs too? Where is this wonderful endo?

I live in AZ, but they have locations all over the U.S. It’s called Diabetes America. So, I take it that’s not the norm?