New Endo visit

We live in one of the most rural parts of New Jersey. Currently, there is no endo in the county. Yesterday, I drove an hour to get to an endo whom it took me a month to get an appointment. Of course I have to keep a food diary for a week, and test at midnight and 3AM, which is incredibly disrupting, but there it is. She changed my basals from 5 different rates during the 24 hour day to two: 6AM - 7PM, .7 u/hr and 7PM-6AM, .5 u/hr. We’ll see how that goes! and boluses are 1 unit/20 gm and 1 unit for every 50 over 150 for correction. We’ll see how that goes! Also, she says that I must change sets every other day. Okay,okay. Gosh, when I think about all the years I went for 6,5,4, and then 3 days, I want to cry. I’m crying now.

So the only thing she asked me that made me say, “whaaaat” to myself was, “did you not have any children by choice, or was there an infertility issue?”. Jeez, I’ve never been asked that by a gyno even. Later, driving home, I thought I should have answered, “are you just curious, or is it relevant to my treatment?”. Why is it I always think of the snappy retort later? The truth is, that by the time I got married, I was 32, and back then, that was pretty old to be having kids for a type1. She dropped the subject when I mentioned our sad experience with adopting a child.

So my friend “Carrie” (see picture of us on her page) are going to be going to a CDE soon. We are going to be our own group of two. We are friends from our quilt guild, and are also in a small “critique” group of quilt artists. It’s been such a comfort to have her support and understanding, as well as the online community. Thanks! keep writing - you never know when someone will benefit, or just feel like someone understands and cares what you’re going through. It’s so powerful!

“Just when you think its safe to go back in the water”… so to speak… no matter how long I see folks with this damn disease, it amazes me how it still blindsides you. It also amazes me how the providers we trust our very lives and welfare to only hear half of what we say and less of what they say. I say all that as a member of a the medical profession, and swear here and now to you all to always listen, listen, listen… and then respond, not react… As a fairly new diabetic (6 years), certainly new to insulin personally (2 months), I want someone to listen too. Thank God for my friends, thank God especially for my friend Marie - I love ya sister!

FYI - carrie is a nickname from my childhood - a time when things were carefree and safe and innocent… if anyone really is interested, the name came when my little friend couldn’t say Carol.

thanks, Robert, I’ve already had another 2 talks with her, and the changes we made to my basals have defin beenan improvement. however, my scar tissue and skin are all messed up - i changed yesterday, thought it was a good spot cuz it was near my belly button(well 2" away) and i never used that area before. today all i’ve had carb-wise is a piece of toast and milk for breakfast, and i’ve been high all day. i’m getting ready to change it now. i’ve had some weeks lately where i’ve gone through 4 or 5 sets. it’s so depressing, but i’m just going to have to get over it. that’s what life is going to be like for me now. i know i shouldn’t feel sorry for myself, but i do. it’s stressful to always be worrying if the set is in a good place. i wish my automatic set inserter would come in the mail…

My endo of the past 13 yrs just stopped participating in our insurance plan…and didn’t tell me until 36 hrs before my appt…although she had dropped out 6 weeks prior to my appt!!! I told them that they should have sent a letter to all their patients with that insurance. I was told “we don’t do that”. It takes 2 - 2.5 months to get an appt with this doctor, so I kept the appt and paid out of pocket. Can you tell me which endo you went to? If you’re not comfortable putting it on here, can you tell me initials and county? I may be in the market myself real soon. Mine is a female endo in Bergen Cty.

Marie, here are some of the other questions my endo asked me:

  1. “Are you sexually active?” I responded, no, not at the moment. He asked “but you have done it before?”. I feel like I’m a teenager again and say yes. He asks “what contraception did you use?”. I say condoms. I guess he wanted to rule out HIV/AIDS or something - but that was an awkward conversation. Also, I was kind of offended on behalf of all my lesbian friends out that that he assumed that sex required contraception.

  2. Pointing to stretchmarks on my thigh, he asks when I got them. I said when I gained a lot of weight quickly.

  3. “Are you sure you don’t have any children hiding in the closet?” I said no, but what I wished I had said was “No, I keep my lesbian lovers in the closet and my children in the attic”.