New Endocrinologist, new look on life


I have put up my latest post on my blog:

New Endocrinologist, new look on life

It a little long but it is a good read. Come take a look for yourself and see how my day at the Endo went.

- Chris


like the title—going to read it now.


Hi Chris
Really interesting blog, thanks for sharing.
Incidentally I have “DIABETIC” tattooed on my left outer wrist as I am not keen on wearing those Medicalert bracelets. I had a really bad hypo a few years ago and you could tell that the woman in the shop that I was trying to buy an iced bun from thought I was drunk, anyway that prompted me to have my tattoo and I have never regretted it. Infact people often comment on my tattoo and almost always ask if I AM Diabetic which amuses me…but it is a good conversation starter.
Your new Endo sounds great, I hope you have a long and rewarding partnership.
All the best