New face, old problem

Hey all!

Just joined yesterday and have already received many welcome notes – Thank you. This seems to be a lively group which is what I need. I was diagnosed in July of 2008 with type II. I started out good and was watching what I ate but have fallen off the wagon several times. I’m back on hopefully for good this time. I have had a hard winter with personal issues, bad knees, and just the holidays in general. I have a very hard time walking past Christmas cookies and cakes.

Well as I said bad knees. I went to the doctor and they told me that it was probably arthritis. An x-ray confirmed a slight case of arthritis and I was given a cortisone shot. Do you know what cortisone does to your BG? It raises it. Pain was still there a week after the shot. A MRI showed that I have a slight tear in the meniscus on the outside and the inside looks like a spider’s web. Long story short it’s trashed. I was scheduled for surgery on 02/25 was told on 02/23 that my A1C was too high for surgery. Surgery is postponed for now and I have to get back on track. I hope this group will help keep me in line.

I am interested in being prepared for natural or unnatural events (I’m not a diehard survivalist). With all of the unrest in the world and sometime freak storms I am trying to be prepared with my food rations and diabetic supplies. I also like to hike and camp. I would like to chat with others of you that have a similar interest.


Welcome Jerry! Glad to see you have jumped back on the bandwagon! You have def come to the right place the people in this forum are wonderful!!