New form of diabetes is CRAP

Today officials at the American Diabetes Association were surprised that CRAP has become the new name on the Internet for what had been known as Type 1 diabetes.

Speaking off the record a senior member of ADA staff was puzzled to know what CRAP even stood for.

TuDiabetes members will know that the acronym was first coined in one of the many forums here, where CRAP - “Catastrophic Ruthless Attack on the Pancreas” - was suggested as a better name for Type 1 diabetes.

It’s rumored that a diabetes blogger started a Google bombing campaign to replace Google’s normal results for the word CRAP with the ADA page for Type 1 diabetes. This may have been done as a protest against the ongoing problem that the media has in distinguishing between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

To quote a top ADA official (name withheld) "If this disease renaming sticks we’ll be forced to change current medical texts so they refer to the two primary types of diabetes as CRAP and Type 2. And what happens if someone then decides refer to Type 2 as Number 2? Just imagine the confusion."

What they fail to see is that many people, including the mainstream media, are already so confused that they don’t distinguish these two main forms of diabetes. This despite the fact that they are radically different diseases. Perhaps this new name will actually clear things up – a bit.

I love it-SO TRUE! lol

That is hysterical and I absolutely LOVE IT. What a way to make a point! I mean, in reality diabetes shouldn’t be A disease, it is more like a symptom that is caused by many diseases.

AMEN Mandy!