New Gadget - Titeline

I have come across this new device that is for the excess tubing we know we all have. I ordered one and so far the device is awesome. Just thought I would share this with some of you.



Interesting idea, but is that a good thing? I don’t think I want a tight infusion line. Sometimes I want slack in the line so I don’t get snagged. It just seems like one more thing attached to me that I’d have to manage.

Of course, I don’t mind my tubing or care much about discretion. Maybe I’m just not the target audience.

I suspect this is a spam posting since the user just joined, but it is at least a relevant one. LOL

Not spam at all, I just found out about this website. I read an article about people getting stuff snagged on the tubing and it lead me here. I just thought maybe a good spot to let others know about it.

When I wear mine its not tight. You can leave as much as you want out if you want more you just spin the top…

Its been helpful for me thats all.

If you’re a real person, welcome to TUD!

Sorry, didn’t mean to offer a crappy welcome. It’s just a real problem that people trying to sell stuff create accounts just to post fake reviews of their products. So any new user that immediately posts a link to a product is very suspicious.

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I am a real person.

Its all good though I understand, like I said I never heard of this site and was reading an article about a device called tubeguard and it lead me to this site. I meant to comment on the article but it lead to a new post I guess… I’m sorry if this wasn’t the right place to post.


I really have no reason to buy this item


I was just putting it out there for others that might find interest in it. I am not trying to sell anything as stated before.

I just ordered one. Lord knows I hope it works

I hope it helps you out like it did me.