New here -- an introduction and of course questions

Hi, I’m Julie, and I am a brand spanking new Type 2.

I have had GD with 3 pregnancies, was diagnosed as prediabetic before last pregnancy, was put on an insulin pump during pregnancy using 280-300 units a day toward end of pregnancy. Both of my parents are Type 2 and use insulin.

Now after stopping nursing my baby, which was keeping BS levels low, I am getting FBGs in the Type 2 range…so going in to change treatment now. My doc had me stop metformin for a week to see what my FBGs would do…they didn’t really do anything different, if anything, they got a bit lower, back into the “prediabetes” range. Is that weird?

I have read that women have BG fluctuations at different points in their cycles, so am not sure if the lower readings are due to being OFF the metformin, or due to being in the early part of my cycle. Any input?

Also, I am wondering if anyone else here deals with binge eating problems that screw up your eating plans and/or blood sugars. I have real problems with eating well, and you’d think with learning that I am now a diabetic, it would “scare” me into eating better…but it hasn’t. If you have eating problems (serious eating problems, i.e. binge eating) have you overcome this and if so, how did you do it?

Add a third wrinkle, and that is that prior to all this we were planning to try to have a 4th and final child. Now I am feeling very conflicted about that. It seems I get very different opinions on whether it is “sane” to try for another child when I am diabetic, without trying to lose weight first.

Anyway, hello to you all. I hope to learn a lot from you. I’ve learned a lot from, which is how I found this site.

Yep I can associate with you about the eating binges and screwing up my diabetes bs levels and I’ve been in these shoes for 34 years. The way I finally stopped was gasteoreflux…That’s to say my body stopped me! I finally learned portion control and to eat the non calorie and non carbohydrate foods but that took me awhile. As for being misdiagnosed did your Dr do an A1C on you to see how you had been running on bs for the last 3 months? Also on your last question I’ve had 2 girls one is a Type 1 along with me and she now has an 19 month old and a 5 week old, my other is 18 and showing no signs right now. If I were you in order to keep myself under good control with my 4th child I would lose weight before having it, it just helps both you and the baby.I’ve always been small (well not so much now 145) but you have to relize my childbaring years left me about 5 years ago. Now I get to spoil the grandbabies!!!