New here


Just getting a feel for the site. I’m hoping this actually works.

My friends call me Thom. I was referred here by a friend at another BB that covers an array of topics. My asking for help was how this all started.

I’m 65 years old. Relatively new to computers and the net. I’m also quite new to being a diabetic, although I suspect I’ve been one for a while now. It runs pretty rampant on my moms side of the family. One second cousin even had a couple of amputations.

I was diagnosed (officially) three months ago. I’m taking 500mg Of Metformin twice a day. Of course I’m doing a diabetic diet. My daily BG tests have been encouraging. This morning I was a little high for me, 122. I’m usually in the 1teens. Have been as low as the 90’s.

I’m also taking 300 mg. Of Neurontin at bedtime. I have bilateral neuropathy. I started that last Friday. It’s done wonders already.

I ordered and already got a pair of Crocs RX shoes. I like them a lot. They’re the first comfortable shoes I’ve worn in a couple of years. I’ve also ordered a dozen pair of diabetic socks that should arrive tomorrow.

I’m thinking of making an appointment with a podiatrist now that I know what I do. I’m also considering an endocrinologist. Any advise or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

This morning I had my first blood drawn for A1C and the other glucose tests. I’m sort of anxious about the results. Maybe curious would be a better word. MY PCP looked back and my glucose was 250 last July. Can’t believe it took him so long to diagnose me and start treating me as a diabetic.

I have a medical background. I know how important being pro-active in my health care is. I’m not afraid to fire a doctor not meeting my needs. I do quite a bit of research before hiring a doctor too.

I’m rambling here. Anyhow, it’s a great place to be and the welcomes I’ve received have been greatly appreciated.

My wishes for good health to all,



Sounds like your off to a good start!!! Get an Endo and take off running!!!

Thanks to both of you ladies. I just wasn’t sure how important an Endo might be Doris D. Thanks for the heads up.

Your welcome!

Welcome, Thom. Some of us use endos and some of us do ok with just PCPs. Sometimes an endo is good initially to make sure you are on the right track. I’m shocked but shouldn’t be surprised to hear a doctor measured you at 250 last July and didn’t treat you! Then sometimes an endo is necessary if things are hitting a roadblock and you need more expertise. If you feel that things are working fine with your current doc, then “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”.

Sounds like your on the right track, welcome aboard!

Thank you.

Thank you Zoe.

Welcome. It sounds like you’re learning a lot of new things all at once and are embracing the challenge / change. Tu is a great place to meet friends and learn virtually everything there is to know about D. -Cindy

this site is where all the cool people in the world hang out, people you won’t see is hallie barry hahahaha

Welcome Thom! Very glad you have found TuD.

Won’t say what I’m thinking about her!

Thanks Domo. Let’s hope if we do. She’s a friend or family of someone with D.

Thanks Cindy. It’s a wonderful place to be. LOL Last Time I did a 101 it was more fun than this class.

Hey SEAGATOR. Thanks for the welcome. You look great for any age. I do intend to look into an Endo. Thank you for the offer of help. This is such a great community.

I’m so sorry about your feet. Giving up driving must be really hard on you. Around here, Detroit Metro area. I’d be sunk. For the most part. There is no public transportation. Cabs would be prohibitive. I’m sure you understand “fixed income.” They fixed us real good. lol Here’s smiling at ya.

Happy May day to you too SEAGATOR. I’ll try sending the friend request. I’ve been wanting to do that with several people. Hate to admit it, I don’t know how.